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A 14 YO Girl Was Raped By Her Stepfather And Her Mother Refused To Believe Her. This Is So Saddening

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Recently, I watched Netflix’s Believe Me, which is based on the real-life abduction and sexual assault of Lisa McVey who was a teen when it happened. You feel so deeply saddened by her ordeal. She was being sexually assaulted by her grandmother’s boyfriend since she was younger. And her mother who lived separately with her sister didn’t bother to believe her. Her grandmother didn’t bother to protect her. One night, she gets kidnapped by an American serial killer who takes her home, blindfolded and rapes her over several hours. She somehow convinces him to let her go, makes it home. Her grandmother and her mother think she is making up a bizarre excuse to cover up a typical teen night out. The detectives and the police keep dismissing her story too. Why? Because she seemed too alert for someone who was raped. It’s sad that a girl who went through something as painful as rape has to go through the pain of actually convincing people that it happened.

Recently, a young girl was raped by her stepfather and her mother refused to believe her. Her own mother, a woman refused to support her. This happened in Venkatigiri town in Andhra’s Pradesh’s Nellore district. It was the screams of her 10-year-old brother that alerted the neighbours who came rushing to their house.


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The stepfather was trying to sexually assault the 14-year-old girl and her brother happened to see it, which is when he started screaming for help. By the time the neighbours arrived, the man had already fled.

Even after all this, the delusional mother was not trusting her own daughter’s words, let alone protect her. She didn’t file a police complaint. It was the local women’s association and child development services that approached the police and a case was registered against the stepfather under the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act.

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It is the worst kind of hurt when your own mother doesn’t believe you. We believe our mothers to have that really special kinda bond and a child has this natural instinct to have faith in its mom. This is such a terrible violation of trust, that too after going through rape. Can’t imagine what hell the kid must be going through!

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