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Elderly Woman Returns Home From Hospital After 26 Days Of Fighting Corona In The Cab Of A Compassionate Uber Driver

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Amidst news of people falling sick, dying and struggling to make ends meet during these lockdowns, finding news that is good or provides us with a semblance of hope is like trying to find a needle in a haystack. Next to impossible, but not entirely so, for we have come across a story that hasn’t just given us hope, but also reminded us of how good people still do exist in the world. Like this particular Uber driver who went against all odds to help out a passenger who was covid positive.

An elderly woman recently returned back to her home after fighting with Coronavirus for almost 26 days, and the one ushering her back to her home, safe and sound, was an Uber driver who also had saved the woman all those days back, by getting her to a hospital in time.

Things had started looking pretty tense when the woman couldn’t find an ambulance to take her to the hospital a couple of weeks ago, and it was then that the Uber driver, Udit Agarwal stepped up to take her to the hospital and even help her in finding a bed and arranging oxygen when it was urgently required.

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And so, 26 days later, when the woman was finally doing better, the family knew just the person to place their trust in. And sharing the incident with the netizens was the woman’s daughter, Rituparna Chaterjee (@masalabai) who posted pictures of the two with a heartfelt caption.

She wrote, “This story started with Uber driver Udit Agarwal going beyond his duty to help save my mum’s life. After 26 days in hospital battling death, tonight when she was discharged, I made a call. “I’ll be there,” he said, typically. Who else will I trust to bring her home safely?”

Rituparna further shared the story of how almost 4 drivers had declined to help her mother when they learnt she was covid positive, but not Udit. Agreeing to take her 40kms away to a hospital, Udit even refused to take the money, wrote Rituparna. Turns out, the Uber driver was genuinely interested in just helping out and even Whatsapped her, checking up on the woman.

Looks like there are still good people out there, reviving our faith in humanity once again!

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