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Dropout Who Seduced 300 Women For Extortion Held

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I’m a firm believer that education is extremely important for a person’s personal and professional growth. But most kids these days are looking to earn money the easy way around. And that almost always means taking the wrong path. I’m not against taking the easy route. I’m against doing the wrong deeds along the easy way to earn easy money. This is what the recent case is about. A BTech dropout who had seduced 300 women and later extorted money from them was recently held by the police.

Recently, on Sunday, the Andhra Pradesh police caught hold of C Prasanna Kumar – who was a BTech dropout – for luring and trapping over 300 women from Telangana and Andhra Pradesh into a romantic relationship, after which he would extort money from them.

C Prasanna Kumar is a 23-year-old resident of Proddatur town. He had dropped out of BTech and started seducing women to extort money in the year 2017. He took to crime to support his lavish lifestyle and needs. 

The BTech dropout started off with luring women on social media platforms and later on would engage in sexual relationships with them. The Kadapa deputy superintendent of police, B Sunil Kumar regarding the case said, “Prasanna Kumar was first booked by Proddatur Two Town and Three Town police in a chain-snatching case and a case of house break-in in 2017. After being released on bail, he began luring unsuspecting women, whom he met on various social media platforms, into a sexual relationship. He would then blackmail them by threatening to circulate their intimate images and videos and extort large sums of money.”

According to the police reports, they had first arrested the guy for a job fraud and a house break-in, but it was during interrogation that it was revealed that he blackmailed the women he would sexually exploit. 

As per Sunil Kumar, C Prasanna Kumar, he had confessed to the police that he had trapped dozens of young girls and middle-aged women in sexual relationships. He even confessed that he later blackmailed these women using their intimate images and videos to extort lakhs of money and sometimes even jewelry from them.

The police reports state that over 200 young girls and around 100 middle-aged women had fallen prey to the BTech dropout’s schemes, but none of them came out because of the fear of getting exposed. The police recovered over Rs. 1.26 lakhs cash and 30 grams of gold jewelry from his possession. The police even urged these victims to come ahead and file a complaint against C Prasanna Kumar. 

This is so disgusting to hear. Preying on innocent girls and women is not in any way justified or acceptable. It gives me pleasure to hear that the BTech dropout has been caught by the police. It saves many girls and women from falling prey to such an insensitive man. 


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