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PC George Mocks Dileep Sexual Assault Survivor, Says Actress Benefited Professionally. Does Getting Films Undo The Trauma?

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In 2017, an actress from Kerala was abducted and then sexually abused by a group of men. One of the men that sexually assaulted the actress was Dileep, a Malayalam star. According to the police, on February 17, 2017, the actress who has worked mainly in the Malayalam, Tamil and Telugu film industries was molested inside her car for around two hours by the accused men including the actor Dileep and escaped later on thanks to a busy area. Even the act of sexual assault was recorded by the accused. Initially, 10 men were accused and seven were arrested after which the actor was arrested and then left on bail. Coming out in support of the actor is the former Kerala MLA PC George who said that the actress did not suffer much loss and rather benefited a lot professionally after the incident.

PC George, former Kerala MLA who himself is out on bail for a sexual assault case, on Thursday said that he doesn’t believe that the actress who was a survivor of the sexual assault case that involved the Malayalam actor Dileep suffered not much loss professionally, rather she benefited from the incident.

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Commenting on the Dileep sexual assault case, PC George said, “I don’t think she suffered any loss after the issue. The loss which she had suffered in life as a woman might be huge, if the said incident was true, but she got benefits professionally.”

Furthermore, the former Kerala MLA mocked the use of the word “survivor” while referring to the Dileep sexual assault case. As per reports, PC George said that the survivor was getting many films now and that he believes she’s gotten benefits in the other areas of her life too. 

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PC George had earlier also made such remarks against the actress and openly extended his support to the actor who is the eight accused in the Dileep sexual assault case.

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