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Dia Mirza Had A Woman Priest For Her Wedding And We Love How She’s Smashing Patriarchy

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If you’ve been on instagram or alive actually, you have probably realised that Dia Mirza has gotten married. This is her second marriage and her beau is businessman Vaibhav Rekhi. We already love everything that Dia Mirza stands for. Earlier, in an interview with Hauterfly, she had mentioned that, “Let me tell you when I started out it was a very different industry. I mean, there are so many radicle changes that have happened.” Further adding, “The gender balance on a film set was very skewed. I mean, literally on my first 10-15 films there were barely any women on set. On a lucky day, there would be three.”

And while we love how candid she is, we can’t help but notice that she isn’t only saying these things, she’s actually walking the talk. For her wedding, she picked a female priest and this is something we have rarely seen. She also celebrated the fact that the priest was a woman. In a tweet, she said,

She called this generation equality but more importantly, we think she’s going about smashing patriarchy in the right way. While this isn’t the norm, we certainly hope that it becomes the norm.

In the series by Netflix called The Big Day which is about Indian weddings, an entire episode is dedicated to Type A brides, the kinds that control every single thing that happens at the wedding and one of the brides even mentions that she’s looking for a female priest. But when an actress like Dia Mirza actually goes ahead and does it, you know that change is coming.

Isn’t it about time we recognised that there isn’t any field that women cannot perform in and by choosing a female priest, Dia Mirza has stormed through the last male bastion. We love everything about this.

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