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CWG 2022: India’s Pride Shines All Over Twitter, Celebrating Mirabai Chanu’s Golden Victory!

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Mirabai Chanu, the brilliant sportsperson who was able to win a gold medal in weightlifting, in the second round itself, is being celebrated as the ‘golden girl’ of India. Her wonderful and talented showcase in the 49kg category at Commonwealth Games 2022 has earned her this glorious title and we couldn’t be more proud of her. She has truly proven to the country and the world that hard work can indeed, pay off.

To celebrate her performance and her golden achievement, the people all around the country, have been dancing, cheering and of course, exercising their bragging rights as Indians, across social media. Mirabai Chanu, the golden girl, is visibly the nation’s golden daughter and it’s safe to say that India is all emotional with national pride.

Celebrations at Mirabai Chanu’s Home

We all want to witness the feeling that washes over us at the moment when our parents are proud of us. It’s a unique high that washes over you and Mirabai Chanu seems to be riding that beautiful feeling as she took to Twitter to post a video of her mother and other relatives, dancing and celebrating her win, back at her home. Look at these proud smiles, I just want to hug them all and thank them for raising such an amazing and talented woman, don’t you?

Various people from around the country have joined in and commented below this beautiful video, celebrating Mirabai Chanu, thanking her for the glory and of course, congratulating her on her golden lap at the Commonwealth Games 2022.

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This is the nation’s first medal of the season and therefore, various celebrities, politicians and important personalities from around the country have gathered on social media, celebrating the nation’s pride, Mirabai Chanu. They are congratulating her on her achievements and letting her know how very proud the nation is, of their daughter.

In fact, even the country’s prime minister took to Twitter to celebrate her and her achievement. He also spoke about Mirabai Chanu’s achievement in terms of setting a new world record at the CWG 2022. This was a true moment of pride for everyone in the country.

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Mirabai Chanu is a true inspiration to every woman in the country who has been waiting on her goals and dreams just because she has been told that she can’t achieve them. This golden victory is proof that everyone can achieve everything that they set their mind to.

Thank you, golden girl, for inspiring us and reminding us to never stop chasing our dreams because talent plus hard work will always make life work out, in any way that we wish for. Sending her a lot of love and best wishes for this golden victory.

Image Source: SAI Media

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