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5 Things I Am Never Taking For Granted Again. This Lockdown Has Made Me Realise This

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I would hate to think that this lockdown (thank you coronavirus) has managed to break our spirits. Yes, it’s tough being locked up all the time and eventually, it starts playing tricks on your mind, but guys, it could have been worse. If the lockdown was not initiated on time, India would have been in a worse situation than USA is in right now.

Which is why I have decided that I am going to make the most of this lockdown and not let it get to me. And if I am being honest then I have learned some important lessons during this tough time, like the fact that life without ice cream is blah. Another thing I have learned is to never take things for granted again because well, Kal ho na ho. 

So here are 5 things I am never taking for granted again.

A Hug

I think the first thing I am going to do once this lockdown is lifted is to go and hug all my friends. I think this lockdown has murdered the introvert side of me because never have I craved human touch more (not like that, get your head out of the gutter). I am never taking them or their hugs for granted after this for I now understand the power of a best friend’s hugs.

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My Office Desk

I never thought I would say this but do miss my office desk. If I promise to stop pilling garbage on and underneath it, can we all just please go back to work?. I can’t sit and work from home any longer it’s boring, mentally exhausting and there are way too many distractions (my mother being the biggest). I have come to understand the importance of my office desk and that mediocre chair. Working at home is either too comfortable or too uncomfortable, neither of which help me get my work done.

Rickshaws And Mumbai Locals

Being rejected by a rickshawala and missing a local train is like the foundation of being a Mumbaikar. I can’t tell you how many times I must’ve cursed a rickshawala in my head. But right now, I would give anything to be riding in a rickshaw or catching a train to go somewhere. I have dreams of standing by the door of a train and just looking at the hustle-bustle in the city and feeling the wind in my hair. Seeing Mumbai all wounded saddens me so never again am I going to say that I hate trains again. I have a newfound respect for both these modes of transport right now.

A Smoke

There are a lot of upsides about living with parents right now- homemade food, the comfort of having family around and not having to worry about things like rationing. But there is one downside and that is I can’t smoke in the house. Now, if you aren’t smoker you might think this is stupid and frivolous, but that is because you don’t understand what that first smoke of the day feels like.  I haven’t smoked since the lockdown began and let me tell you I thought this lockdown would force me to go cold turkey but so far I been craving a smoke more than anything else. At least now I know never to underestimate the pleasure of a good smoke.

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A Chilling Session With My Team

I have been very lucky to have a team that is more than a bunch of colleagues. There is never a boring moment in the office which is why I miss hanging out with them. I always tend to think “so what if can’t go get a drink with them today, there’s always tomorrow”. Well, now I know there might not be. Chilling with them at work and after work has become sort of a habit and I am not going to take that for granted ever again.

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