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20 Cool Subscription Boxes For Every Kind Of Girl!

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How often do you day dream of having something you really, really want delivered right to your doorstep? Or better still, being delighted by a pretty box of goodies waiting for you to unpack when you get home? I know I want both of these things. And who doesn’t like a little surprise every now and then?!

Enter monthly subscription boxes — those ultra cool harbingers of fun stuff you’ll want month after month. Subscription boxes or services are not new, but they’ve certainly grown bigger, better and cooler in the past year. The sheer variety on offer has us wondering if we can subscribe to ALL of them at one go — the choices are that unbelievable. From beauty products to pretty clothes, funky jewellery to gourmet snacks, indie magazines to music, there’s something for every kind of girl in this list! What’s more, these uber cool subscription services are the perfect way to pamper yourself each month.

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Sugar Box

What: A theme-based subscription box full of cute fashion, beauty and lifestyle products. What’s in it: Sugarbox curates a chic box full of goodies based on a monthly theme. For example, January’s box was called the Jumpstart Edition meant to turbo charge your new year, and subscribers received cutesy earphones, an “I<3 Nutella” muscle tee, nail paint, a woollen headband, a bucket bag, sunnies and A Doowie donut for just Rs 1,899 (total box value approx Rs 4,000)! The best part is that the theme isn’t revealed until after the boxes have been despatched to keep the intrigue and suspense of what you’re going to receive intact. Expect to find full-sized (yes, full-sized!) beauty products, cute clothing items, jewellery and fancy eats in your boxes each month. This box is on the pricier side, but provides good value for money. How much: Starting at Rs 1,499 per month. (Available pan India.) Subscribe here.    

Lady Raga

What: This is a relatively new subscription box service, and includes make-up and skincare samples, jewellery, and fashionable accessories.
What’s in it: This subscription service is a mixed bag full of stuff that includes make-up and skincare products from brands like NYX, The Body Shop, Colorbar to L’Oréal, Lakmé and Maybelline (either sample or full-sized), as well as funky jewellery. The bag also includes one surprise gift each month, along with the regular contents of your subscription plan. There are bunch of plans you can choose from, depending on how much you’re willing to splurge.
How much: Starting at Rs 666 per month. (Available pan India.)
Subscribe here.



Your Box

What: A customised subscription box that provides you with a brand new outfit every month. What’s in it: Can you imagine an entire outfit under Rs 899 or Rs 1,499? The folks at Your Box actually make it possible. They curate an entire outfit for you from head to toe, based on a form you fill before subscribing, detailing your preferences like size, colours, etc. Expect to find clothing (a crop top one month or a shirt the next), accessories like footwear, handbags, watches, sunglasses, jewellery, and other fun girly stuff. They have a regular box and a mini box for different price points. Pick one you like and patiently wait for your box! How much: Starting at Rs 899 per month. (Available pan India.) Subscribe here.    


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What: A monthly lingerie subscription service. What’s in it: Daily wear panties and comfortable thongs along with sexy lingerie at extremely affordable prices. You can buy fun prints and floral lingerie sets from their online shop, as well as soft and pretty everyday lingerie. Or you can surprise yourself with something new and fun every month by subscribing to their exclusive box. The biggest issue we face when lingerie shopping is not having enough colour options. Pincbox delivers colourful and pretty panties right to your doorstep without you having to leave the comfort of your home. Now who wouldn’t want lingerie delivered? Choose from mid rise, low rise, full coverage, no show, and imported thongs. How much: Rs 299 per month. (Available pan India) Subscribe here.




In my January #beautywishbox. I was so excited about the products i received… @thenaturesco A photo posted by Srileka (@srileka06) on

Beauty Wish Box

What: Organic and vegan beauty products delivered to you each month.
What’s in it: If you like using organic beauty products, Beauty Wish Box sends you different organic products for bath and body each month along with samples and vouchers! Beauty Wish Box dedicates one theme every month to their boxes and has them delivered to your house at the end of every month. Their box contains one full-sized product and 5 deluxe-sized samples that you can try out. If you like what you’ve used, you can then buy a full-sized version of the product directly from their website. Their boxes also have natural products that cure headaches and help you relax your nerves.
How much: Rs 595 per month. (Available pan India).
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Scentbox- nice concept. 3 trial size perfumes. #FMSphotoaday #FMS_threeofakind #scentbox #lovenjoy A photo posted by Shatakshi K (@shatakshi_k) on

Scent box

What: If you like experimenting with perfumes, you’ll love this subscription service.
What’s in it: Perfume testers for you to try out before you settle on a perfume you’d like to invest in at full price. Isn’t it fabulous that you can test out a perfume before committing to it? Perfumes aren’t cheap and no matter how many times you smell one at the mall or test on your wrist, it just isn’t the same as using a tester and wearing it a couple of times. Most shops don’t offer testers nowadays and in times like these Scent Box comes to your rescue. Pick any 3 testers each month for Rs 55 each and pick a perfume you like at the end of it. Now how cool is that!
How much: Rs 55 per tester. (Available pan India)
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Happiness Caged

What: Monthly beauty, fashion and lifestyle products sent to you in a fancy cage. What’s in it: Everything from bath and body products, nail paints, travel tags and anything else that’s super cool that you can’t even think of. The team at Happiness Caged also customises their cages and has launched uber cool limited edition boxes, which include the best goodies from all of their previous editions! How tempting! They’ve also got a Gossip Girl edition, which previously included a selfie stick, bubblegum lip gloss, massage oils and vanity pouches. Pick from their subscriptions or book yourself one of their special editions. How much: Rs 1,350 per month. (Available pan India). Subscribe here.  


Fab Bag

What: The best beauty and make-up products delivered to you each month.
What’s in it: Different make-up essentials and beauty products that you’ll love, along with fabulous perfumes. They’ve even got fab bags for men. Check out their offers before you pick your fab bag though, as they’re pretty cool. For February, Fab Bag has products that will get you date ready in no time! From hair serums to eyelash curlers, you name it and Fab Bag will have included it in your box.
How much: Rs 599 per month. (Available pan India).
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The Little Bauble Box

What: Monthly jewellery subscription service. What’s in it: Designer jewellery that’s handpicked for you, after you’ve submitted a survey on your style preferences. They send you jewellery that you can wear and exchange for different pieces each month. You get to wear something different each month for such a reasonable price. If you’re sick of repeating your statement pieces with almost every party outfit, The Little Bauble Box is something you’re going to love. From minimalistic pieces to dainty jewellery, they’ve got something for all your needs. How much: Rs 1,999 per month. (Available pan India). Subscribe here.  


Embellishment Box

What: Four different pieces of statement jewellery each month.
What’s in it: Gorgeous jewellery to gift yourself each month, including both trendy pieces as well as timeless classics.
How much: Rs 1,200 per month. (Available pan India).
Subscribe here.



My Envy Box

What: Stunning jewellery and beauty products delivered to your doorstep. What’s in it: Designer jewellery pieces and fancy beauty products that you can choose from month after month and own something different each time. They’ve got two types of subscriptions — jewellery or beauty — and once you pick one you like, be ready to receive products that will blow your mind! How much: Rs 2,450 per month for the jewellery box & Rs 2,250 per month for the beauty box. (Available pan India). Subscribe here.    



Binge reading. #KillingTime #airportlife A photo posted by Paper Planes (@joinpaperplanes) on


Paper Planes

What: Monthly magazine subscription service.
What’s in it: Choose any 3 genres that interest you, like art, fashion or travel — or you can let them choose to surprise you — and receive a host of indie magazines from India as well as abroad, including the likes of The Kalaghoda MusingsThe Gentlewoman, Wrap, The Gourmand, Disegno, and lots more. If you’re a voracious reader and would love to discover something new, they also have a ‘Surprise Me’ option where they send you a title of their choice to read. If you’re an avid reader, this subscription service is pure gold.
How much: Starting at Rs 1,000 per month. (Available pan India).
Subscribe here.



The Revolver Club

What: Your monthly dose of music delivered to your doorstep. What’s in it: India’s only vinyl subscription service, The Revolver Club brings some of the best music out there directly to your door. This concept store founded by Jude de Souza and Parth Pandya offers more than just vinyl subscriptions though: they also specialise in providing high-end AV solutions including stereos, home theatres systems, and more. Expect to find Rolling Stones and John Lennon besides Tame Impala and so much more. How much: Rs 4,497 for 3 months. (Available pan India). Subscribe here.    




The Nibble Box

What: Get rid of your mid-day slump by signing up for The Nibble Box. This cool subscription service promises a box full of delicious snacks from across the globe as well as those prepared by the in-house team. What’s in it: Globally and locally inspired snacks with over 100 options to choose from. Some of their more popular options are the snacks inspired by nature, which include dried oranges, apricots and pineapples mixed with healthy seeds like Flax, and nuts. The best part? These snacks are nutrient dense and use only premium ingredients. There are no added preservatives, artificial colours, flavours or sweeteners, and they’re also 100% vegetarian. How much: Rs 350 per week. (Available pan India.) Subscribe here.    


Tea box

What: The perfect set of teas chosen for you based on a quiz you fill out online. What’s in it: Different teas to suit your palate, delivered every month. The best part? They ship a replacement for you in case you don’t like the one sent to you. Pick a type you really like, for example: black tea, and have different flavours delivered to you. This is probably what paradise tastes like if you’re a tea lover! And as they say, there’s no such thing as loving just one flavour of tea. Experiment with different types of teas and you won’t want to settle on just one again. So spoiled for choice! How much: Rs 1,354 per month. (Available pan India).  Subscribe here.    

The Gourmet Box

What: Delicious treats for you every month from all over the world.
What’s in it: Exquisite gourmet products from all over the world that you can pre-curate and even gift someone else. From strawberry marshmallows to barbecue almonds, find all kinds of different and interesting foods in this subscription box. What’s more, The Gourmet Box would also make a rather pretty gift — plus it’s so thoughtful! So much better than chocolates or flowers! It’s the perfect gift for friends or family, or even a food-loving colleague.
How much: Rs 1,500 per month. (Available pan India).
Subscribe here.




Being Juliet

What: For that time of the month when you want nothing more than to be pampered! What’s in it: Period essentials like sanitary napkins, wet wipes, tampons, panty liners, pain comforters, and thoughtful gifts, delivered to you 5 days before your next period. Yes you read that right, ladies. Happy periods are possible thanks to Being Juliet (okay, maybe a little). The people over at Being Juliet really do understand women it seems, and to make life simpler during this time of the month they’ve come out with a feel good box that includes various period essentials. Depending on your flow, you can also customize your subscription each month. How much: Rs 1,650 for 3 months. (Available pan India). Subscribe here.  



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Happiness In A Box

What: Monthly subscription for pregnant women or new mothers. How it works: Just enter your baby’s birth date and the folks at Happiness In A Box will send you appropriate books, health care needs, baby food, baby hair and body washes, and everything else you can think of. They’ve also got great stuff for pregnant women like maternity gowns, belly butters, and so much more. They provide you with everything that your baby will need right from when your baby is born till when he/she is 5 years old. Moms tend to forget to look after themselves in the process of taking care of their babies, but Happiness In A Box makes sure that doesn’t happen. They have everything that a mother might need even after the baby is born. If you need more of what they’ve given you in the box, you can order more from their website. How much: Rs 549 per month. (Available pan India).  Subscribe here.  




Woof Box

What: Four or more product picked for your dog’s entertainment each month.
What’s in it: Toys, bones, all natural foods, and products depending on the breed of your dog. Just fill in the details of your dog before you subscribe and they deliver all the appropriate products to your doorstep. If you’re looking for super fancy personalized gifts for your dog, this is just what you need. From scented collars to customized eating plates, Woof Box has everything for your favourite pooch’s needs.
How much: Rs 1,500 per month. (Available pan India).
Subscribe here.



Wag Box

What: A monthly subscription service for your favourite fur baby.
What’s in it: Log on to the website and tell the Wag Box team more about your dog, the size, breed, etc and they’ll send you a bunch of cool products including bedding, toys, grooming products, and more each month. Gift your dog fancy toys, apparel, treats, grooming products, and so much more. The Wag Box team understands dogs and that combined with the questionnaire you fill in, will give you the best products in one box. Don’t forget to tell them more about the personality of your dog in  your questionnaire.
How much: Rs 1,999 per month. (Available pan India).
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