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10 *Ekdum Cute* Journals To Jot Down Everything From Your Fitness Journeys To Pregnancy, Travel, And Relationship Thoughts

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For years journaling has enjoyed the spot of a good habit. This exercise of penning thoughts on a paper, found its origins about 2000 years ago, in ancient China, when Ma Dubo started noting his travel adventures to Mount Tai as a part of his ritualistic offering for the emperor. The historical significance of journaling has laid down its benefits. While all my efforts of picking one but failing at filling one have made a temporary space for journaling in my daily routine, this time I really am really looking forward to cleaning the settled dust from my newly bought journals and penning my thoughts. And if like me, you too are willing to start fresh, then friends allow me to introduce these interesting categories of journals that will cater to all your needs. Plus, they’re super cute for thy bookshelves. 

Fitness Journal

For all the fitness enthusiasts and even those who are trying to take a step closer to their much-awaited fitness journey, fitness journals are an absolute boon in that category. Just like your BFF who pushes you every day towards your fitness goals, fitness journals can be of a great help in setting goals and actually fulfilling them. Buy Here 

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Mental Wellbeing Journal 

In a world today when life has become less about living, an individual’s mental health is guaranteed to get affected. But with the benefits of journaling, especially in a mental health-specific record book, you can vent out your thoughts, and keep a personal check of your mental health. Buy Here

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Everyday Thoughts Journal 

Start your journaling journey with ‘One page a day’ journals. Gratitude journals like these, will help you look out for the positives on even the toughest days. Count your blessings and not your troubles. Buy Here 

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Reading Journal 

For all the bibliophiles out there and also those who are aiming to take that spot, reading journals are much like a record book. This journal will not just help you keep a track of your reading list, and interesting discussion points with your book club members but also motivate you to flip a page of the dullest book you’ve regretted buying. Buy Here 

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Food Journal 

If you are someone who loves to keep a track of their eating habits, then friends this category is solely for you. Much like a daily log, you can keep a check on your daily diet, interesting recipes, nutritional needs with special attention offered to quantities and even your daily mood tracker to help choose your food. Buy Here 

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Pregnancy Journal 

Pregnancy journals come in handy for all the mothers-to-be who are tracking their nine-month-long journey. Keeping a check of your everyday dietary needs, mood swings, all your firsts and health appointments, much like a daily vlog, pregnancy journals can also serve as a memoir of your journey of becoming a mom. Buy Here 

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Set Thy Goals 

From everyday goals to long-term dreams, a journal can help you act upon all your wishes and keep a track of how close you’re getting to them each day. A handy book to log in your ‘to-do lists,’ goal planners and journals can be your wishing well to manifest your dreams. Buy Here 

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Shared Journal 

While many still think journaling is a personal exercise, which it very much is, the introduction of group journals can help in strengthening relationships and close bonds. This journal can be a shared book of memories, important dates, common goals and more. You can choose anything from family, and relationships to friendship journals, as per your needs. Buy Here 

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Artistic Journal 

For the artist in you, this pocket-size canvas comes in handy for quick live sketches, penning down current feelings and letting your emotions out on paper. A great tool for those who want to explore the world of colours and their imagination, artistic journals can also help keep a track of your art supplies, concept notes, act as swatch cards and so much more. Buy Here 

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Travel Journal 

It’s time to put the word wanderlust to actual use, instead of just squeezing it in Instagram hashtags. If you love to explore the world, this travel journal can be both your guide and book of memories. From noting down your travel needs, to-do lists, and places to visit, and journaling your memories into frames, travel journals make the journey look easier and better. Buy Here 

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