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8 Indian Bookstagrammers You Need To Follow To Satisfy Your Books Ki Bhookh

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Like most people today, even I enjoy scrolling through Instagram for hours on end. And while my mom would say it is an unproductive habit, I believe otherwise. Yes, I believe it to be productive because just by scrolling, I came across these 8 bookstagrammmers that changed the way I perceive books. These Instagram accounts have opened up spaces where followers can interact and communicate with each other over the thing they love – books. So, today, I want to share with you some of the bookstagrammers that I enjoy going back to.

Check out these 8 bookstagrammers that share their love for books with their followers:

1. @bookworm_tigress

A bookstagrammer account that majorly deals with books that have coming-of-age elements, make a person uncomfortable, question stereotypes, and encourage a person to view things differently. If you’re looking to expand your palette then this account is a must follow.

2. @ecstatic_yet_chaotic

Mridula is the bookstagrammer that runs this Instagram account. She explores a variety of genres and gives concise reviews of the books she reads. Her forte lies mainly in historical fiction, contemporary romance, and adult fantasy.

3. @thebooksatchel


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A post shared by Resh Susan (@thebooksatchel)

This bookstagram account is for those who love experimenting and want to learn. In her account, you will discover various publishers, underrated yet exceptionally well-written books, and new authors. The best part about following her is that it will give you a safe space for exchanging ideas, having intellectual discussions, and at times even getting nostalgic over some common childhood favourites. She focuses more on literary fiction, short stories, magical realism, and translated literature. 

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4. @thebookishtales

Padmaja is the one who handles this bookstagram account and her personality surely reflects on her grid. She dabbles majorly with books written not only in the English language but also in other languages such as Hindi and Marathi. If you’re someone that loves translations, she is the one you want to follow.

5. @booxoul


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A post shared by Neelam | Book Blogger (@booxoul)

It’s been two years since Neelam Sharma and Apoorv Sharma (nope, not related) started this bookstagram account. And you know what two readers for the same accounts mean? Variety! Yep, this is an account that will give you a whole lot of variety of books, authors, genres, plots, languages, and so much more. It also is a great account to meet new people and maybe even make friends. 

6. @belladonnaoflavender


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A post shared by Shalini Singh (@belladonnaoflavender)

This bookstagrammer is different from every other bookstagrammers on the list. How? Well, her account doesn’t necessarily follow a particular theme and she doesn’t just post about books. She posts everything from thoughts and poetry to memes and quotes – all of it which will leave you impressed as well as inspired. 

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7. @khubaibliophile

What do I say about Mir Khubaib, the bookstagrammer that owns this account. One of the things I love about his account is that it is a compilation of books he wants to read, current reads, favourite books, and latest acquisitions. He majorly reads non-fiction, contemporary literary fiction, sports anthologies, political ideologies, romance, fiction, and just about everything else. So, you know you’re in for a treat.

8. @bagfullofbooks


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A post shared by Arpita (@bagfullofbooks)

Last bookstagrammer on the list and a personal favourite. Arpita’s grid gives out a vintage vibe that goes perfectly well with her book choices. She majorly dabbles with long-forgotten classics that have a charm of their own. If you’re someone like me who loves classics, then trust me, she will not disappoint. 

So, what are you waiting for? Go follow!

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