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Haute List: 10 Cute Planners That Will Make Planning Easy For The Busy Year That 2022 Is Going To Be!

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Ever since the pandemic started, I don’t know about you peeps, but I have lost track of time. I mean there was a point where I had no idea what date or day it was. And it was not just because I am absent-minded (which I am) but also because there was just so much work to do and I wasn’t going out anywhere. But what helped me then to keep a track of days, dates, and work was a planner. Now, I know a planner is not a new invention and they’ve been helping people for ages, but hey, in my defence, I recently found out that they were helpful. Since then, I have been buying cute, pretty planners, cause why not? I mean, why not write a list of things in cute things that actually help? That way they can motivate you to actually use them (at least it motivates me so). So, with nearly 2months left for the year 2022, which looks like it might be hectic what with everything opening up, to kick off, I have a list of some places where you can buy them!

I’m a stationery enthusiast. I like my stationery to not only look cute and beautiful but also be super functional. This is why there are certain places that are my go-to stationery places from where I purchase things – especially planners. And today, I’m all set to share the list with you folks.

Here’s a list of the top 10 stationery places from where you can buy cute, beautiful planners for the upcoming year 2022:

1. Odd Giraffe




Odd Giraffe has many different types of planners – ranging from monthly, productivity to gratitude and wellness. And their theme for 2022 planners is ‘Optimism’ – I mean, after all, we’ve been through in the last two years, we all can use a bit of it. They come in two sizes – Classic and Large –  and are priced at Rs. 1499 and Rs. 1699, respectively.


2. Happy Wagon



What I love most about Happy Wagon are its designs. It is the place where minimalistic meets chic. Their planners literally help you track your daily and monthly progress. Also, it comes with satin bookmarks and doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket since it starts at as cheap as Rs. 999.


3. Ink Bucket



When I say no one, I mean, no one combines beauty with functionality better than Ink Bucket. They have something for everyone, if you like your planners to have hardbound covers, well they’ve got you covered. A little secret, it is our editor’s absolute favourites. Their planner range starts from Rs. 1899.

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4. Ninegram



If you’re like me and you like your planners to be simple and yet efficient, then well Ninegram is just the place for you. Their beautiful and minimalistic-looking and just have enough things that you’re looking for and they start from as low as Rs. 349.


5. The Trove



Like every year, The Trove has a theme prepared for the planners of 2022. And the theme is, drum rolls, Courage! I mean, after the year we’ve gone through it seems quite befitting. What’s unique about them, other than the themes, is the fact that they are perfect for anyone who is just getting used to planners. 


6. Lemonade



What do I say about this one? It has been one of my all-time favorites. Planners by Lemonade are minimal, theme-based, glittery/sparkly, and everything in between. And they are pocket-friendly as they start from Rs. 349 onwards.


7. Space And Beauty



If you’re looking for a planner that screams professionalism, then Space And Beauty is just the place for you. The design is clean – that means no drama – and all their pages are dedicated to getting your work done. These professional planners are priced at Rs. 899 and onwards. 


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8. Alicia Souza



Do I even have to introduce Alicia Souza and her planners? Not going to lie, they are a bit on the expensive side but they are just so beautiful and cute that it’s hard to keep your hands off of them. Starting from Rs. 2399, these are super fancy and creative with just enough space to get your work done.


9. The June Shop



One more of our editor’s favourites, The June Shop offers planners that are nothing less than fun. They are designed in a way that it adapts to your growth and helps you stay aligned. They have something for every personality here and the price starts at Rs. 1399


10. Archetype



Archetype’s classic planners allow you ample space for personalizations and details that you might need to jot down. They make planning and tracking feel like a cakewalk and the best part is that their 2022 planners come with a pouch for them! The planners are priced at Rs. 2000 onwards.

Now, I know that some of these planners, though cute, are expensive. But hey, when it comes to planning and keeping a track of things and thoughts, these are the best you can get. So, go ahead and grab one right away!

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