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Bilkis Bano Is Numb After Knowing 11 Men Who Raped Her Were Released, Wants To Be Left Alone

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In 2002 riots, a five-month-old pregnant woman named Bilkis Bano was raped in Gujarat and the police investigation led them to 19 men who they filed charges against. Which, in 2008, 11 of these men were convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment. And now, 14 years later, all 11 of them walk free on the basis of their remission period. Needless to say, this has stirred outrage in the country. Following this, many of them contacted the survivor to ask her what she thought about the release of the men who were convicted. To this, Bilkis Bano could not stop crying and asked people to leave her alone. 

On Monday, August 15, the 11 men who were convicted of raping Bilkis Bano in 2002 got released after 14 years on basis of a remission period. Hearing the news, the gang-rape survivor could not believe that they were walking free and eventually broke into tears.

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In fact, when a daily news portal contacted Bilkis Bano and asked how she felt knowing that those 11 men who raped her had been released, she said, “Please leave me alone… I have offered duas (prayers) for the soul of my daughter Saleha.”

Yakub Rasool, the husband of Bilkis Bano who was gang-raped in 2002, further added, “The battle we fought for so many years has been wrapped up in one moment. A sentence of life imprisonment given by the court has been curtailed in such a manner… We had never even heard of the word ‘remission’. We didn’t even know that such a process exists… We have not even had the time to process this news and we know that they have already reached their homes… It is not that they never took parole; they did several times. But we did not expect that they would be released in such a manner.”

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The husband further added that he and Bilkis Bano just want to be left alone and settle down their five children. Yakub Rasool said that they are still living in fear but haven’t decided what they will be doing next.

Speaking about the reaction of Bilkis Bano to the news of her rapists walking free, her husband Yakub Rasool said that she was constantly crying and then suddenly went completely silent. He went on today that they are shaken and shaken and were left completely numb.

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