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Anushka Sharma Made A Hilarious Excuse For Losing In Ludo With Her Family. That’s All Of Us RN

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In the middle of a digital storm, this period has made us value human connection again. Now that we can’t go to a café with our friends and be on our phones, we’ve been forced to spend time with our people. Because how many times can you really look at different versions of dalgona coffee on your Instagram feed? How many movies/shows can you watch in a day? So here’s what I think happened. We were forced to go back to basics and spend time with our people – talking, playing games and more. And then a little into this and we realised that it is actually pretty good. Why have we been burying ourselves into our social media feeds instead of really connecting with our loved ones?They don’t seem so bad after all.

Somehow, all of us are treating this period in a similar manner. Most of us aren’t able to sleep well, we are watching reruns of Friends and Sarabhai vs Sarabhai, and we are competitively playing Ludo. In fact, the game of Ludo has made such a big comeback; it’s like the Ramayan of games. It seems like Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli couldn’t stay away from indulging in some Ludo after all. She shared a screenshot of a game between Anushka, Virat and their parents and it came loaded with her humour. Anushka was clearly losing and all her tokens were home. “I am not losing…I am staying home and practising social distancing,” she wrote. I bet so many of us have cracked this social distancing x ludo joke as well. Recently, she had also shared a picture of her fam playing a Monopoly-like game.

Anushka Sharma is enjoying spending time with her family, especially since both Anushka and Virat have hectic careers that involve a lot of travelling. Recently, she shared a video in which she is hilariously teasing Virat. She is pretending to be a fan and asking him to give a four! She wrote: “I thought he must be missing being on the field. Along with the love he gets from millions of fans, he must be especially missing this one particular type of fan too. So I gave him the experience.” Her followers definitely enjoyed this video, especially with Virat’s reaction!

Speaking about how she is spending time with her fam, she wrote: “It’s from our primary care givers – family that we learn how to tread the journey of life, how to walk, how to eat, how to socialize and then face the world. This forms our initial conditioning that has a lasting impact on us. In the world we inhabit today, there is a lot of uncertainty and I’m sure a lot of you have found that solace and sense of familiarity with your families.”

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It’s amazing what this lockdown has done. We’ve returned to the way we used to spend our time as kids. We are playing our favourite childhood games and making family time a priority. I hope when things return to normal, we don’t leave this behind!

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