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5 Thoughts I Had While Watching Tiger Shroff’s I Am A Disco Dancer 2.0. Definitely Ki, Ek Aur Remix? No!

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Ladies and gentlemen, today I saw something that made me want to poke my eyes and stuff cotton balls in my ears. Yes, it was indeed another Tiger Shroff song that had no head nor tail. His latest song is called I Am A Disco Dancer 2.0 because the OG one with Mithun Chakravarthy which was iconic needed to be ruined. At this point, I think anything Tiger Shroff and his cronies put their eyes on, gets remixed and badly.

While the world outside burns because of a deadly virus, Tiger and his abs (because after all this time, they deserve to be recognised as a separate entity)are making sure we have something to keep us entertained, or instil fear in us, I am not entirely sure.  What a noble thought, right? Though it wasn’t quite as entertaining as it was cringy and unbearable. Before you go on, watch the video below (don’t hate on me, it’ll be worth it).

PS: Do you not miss the cape!


  1. This song has left me with quite a few questions but the one I am currently asking myself is- what the fuck did I just watch? Look, Mithunda is a legendary dancer who ruled the industry’s dance scene for a long time, and I am a disco dancer, is a huge part of his legacy. Tiger has just crapped all over that. Besides, what was the need to remix yet another classic song? Tiger should really get an award for the shittiest remixes ever. You know, we almost did not spot this horrid song, but I am so glad that I stumbled upon it because hey, who wants to miss this masterpiece?
  2. Why is the opening of the song so overtly sexual? Tiger is spelling out disco like he is seducing someone (Disha, don’t be jealous). When he said “say D” I nearly spit up the water I was trying to drink. Seriously, he sounds like he is trying to get into the pants of a first grade English teacher *so awkward*. Also, this is like the hundredth song that Tiger is showing off his abs in. Like we get it, man, you have abs and we have flab, but chill out.

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  1. There is no denying that Tiger is a good dancer. But all his dance steps in this song remind of a bad mix-up video of Hrithik and Michael Jackson. Though the two performing together would be a pleasure, the choreographers of this video made it look horrible. They have copied Hrithik’s steps from It’s Magic which would be okay but the steps and a song about a disco dancer have zero connection between them. It really feels like they ran out of steps in the middle and just used all of the stuff they knew from previous songs, hoping no one would notice. Yeah, the joke’s on them. Actually, this whole this is a joke I didn’t need to hear.
  2. Okay, someone please tell me what the deal with that stupid cape is? It’s like the makers knew the song is so bad that they threw in a few horrible more elements because how much worse can it get, right? So suddenly there is bike parked inside a disco and he is posing on the bike wearing a silver cape. It feels utterly ridiculous to me even as I type it out. So, he’s like superman with a bad taste in songs? I don’t know.

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  1. Did any of you notice Tiger’s expressions? No, right? That is because he has none. I mean, I had more expressions (mostly cringe) while watching the video than he did why actually being in the video. Also, why do some scenes of this video look like he is doing some cheap ass photoshoot? No really, it feels like they ran out of steps again, so they gave him some poses to do. All in all, this song is a waste and they really need to put more thought into their shit.

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