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10 Types Of Students You’ll Find In Every College!

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College life is a roller coaster of moods and emotions for every student. Some days you’re on cloud nine, while on other days you just want to escape. Some days are full of fun and laughter, while other days are full of stress and struggle (especially if you were out partying till late and didn’t finish your class assignment!). What’s more, all the students that make up your group or class are pretty much like a series of emojis in action! Each has a unique personality or trait that makes them stand out. There are the sporty kinds who get all the hot dates, then there are the geeks who ace every subject with ease, or the pretty princess who has her lipstick economics down pat! Here are 10 types of students you will¬†encounter in every college.



1. The Sport Freaks

Be it football or cricket, they manage to play every sport like a boss and are immensely popular on campus. Apart from being the hot topic of conversation at every girly sleepover, they are also the most envied batch of the lot.



2. The Foodies

They’re the ones who always get the best tiffins. They’re also the ones who are always eating: before, during, and after classes. What’s more, they also know the entire canteen’s menu by heart!


Feeling Pretty_Hauterfly

3. The Barbie Dolls

These girls love to dress up like they’re ready for the runway, all day every day. While mere mortals struggle just to wear decently matched clothes, they’re the ones who look like models in class at 8 am!


Rock on_Hauterfly

4. The Music Buffs

Every college has that one guy or girl who loves sitting in the corridors playing the guitar or humming away during lectures. They’re usually part of the college band and their impromptu jamming sessions are the best!


Feeling funny_Hauterfly

5. The Jokers

Everyone’s best friend, The Chandler Bings of college can crack a joke anywhere, anytime and even the teachers don’t shy away from laughing at their wisecracks.


Let's party_Hauterfly

6. The Dancing Sensations

With flawless bodies and moves to die for, they’re the stars of inter-collegiate competitions. And when it comes to parties on the weekends, they’re the ones burning the dance floor and everyone wants to dance along!



7. The Sleepyheads

If they’re not at home bunking lectures, you’ll often find them occupying the last seats in class with their heads buried in their books. The have a perennially dazed look and never have any clue about what’s happening in class!



8. The Introverts

You probably don’t remember them, or even know when they’re around. They usually keep to themselves and prefer to fly solo instead of hanging out with large groups. They’re also the first to arrive for lectures and vanish as soon as class ends!



9. The All-Rounders

Acing every phase of college life, there’s nothing this lot of students can’t do! From topping every class to acting in the annual play or captaining the sports team, they’re the best at everything they do!


Boss level_Hauterfly

10. The Nerds

Topping every class, and always sitting on the first bench, these teachers’ pets are every student’s saviour. Last minute notes? They always have theirs up-to-date to copy from. Exam time stress? They always have all the answers!


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