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10 Essentials To Pack So Your Honeymoon Is Seamless And Nothing Ruins Your Romance!

November 17, 2022 | by Kinjal Panchal

To all the to-be brides like me who are all set to get married this month, how’s the prep going? I am pretty sure nothing major would be left to shop for and only last-minute itsy-bitsy shopping must be left. And if you are feeling any jitters, relax, girl! Everything will be carried out smoothly. Plus, it is not just the wedding you have to prep for, you also have the honeymoon to pack for! And there are chances that amid all this chaos, you might forget to pack something important for the honeymoon! So, in order to prevent that from happening, here’s a quick checklist of honeymoon essentials so you pack without fail!

Identity cards and passports

Irrespective of the place you are visiting, it is important to have identity cards on you all the time. You never know when they might come in handy!

First aid kits

First aid is a must-have in your honeymoon packing. You are going to a different place that will have varied food, water and air. God forbid you end up falling sick on your trip! So, it is important to have generic medicines for an upset stomach, headache, antacids, etc! It is also helpful to have a prescription for certain meds handy with you.

Forex cards and cash

As the famous American saying goes, “There is no free lunch in this world”, it is advisable to keep forex cards with you and even cash handy. If you are visiting a foreign country, then forex cards are a must.

Driver’s licence

If you have a driver’s licence, you should keep it handy in your wallet. In case you decide to rent a two-wheeler or a motorbike, you will need it as proof that well, you know how to drive.

Printouts of hotel bookings

Even though you might be having everything on your phone, it is better to take printouts of hotel bookings with you. Because you might have a thousand things on your phone and when required to show them, you will waste time looking for them! What if the internet connection is spotty where you are going? In such times, printouts will come in handy!

Wireless chargers and adapters

Given the decreasing battery life of phones these days, you need wireless chargers and adapters with you all the time. Especially, if you are going to a foreign place. Just in case you have all the deets stored in your phone and your phone dies, where will you run around to get it charged? Hence, these adapters will be super helpful in such times.

Luggage tags

With all the luggage and bags you will be carrying on the trip, you need to have tags attached to each one of those with your name and contact number written on it just in case you end up losing it.

Sunscreen and makeup

You don’t want to come back tanned and sun burnt, do you? So, do not forget to pack sunscreen in your vanity to you keep your skin safe! Also, minimal makeup products like lipsticks, foundation or a BB cream, blush and eyeliner must be there in your pouch so that you can dish out a glam look anytime anywhere! Additionally, if you are taking makeup, it is advisable to keep makeup remover in your bag, too.

Moisturisers, insect repellents and perfume

These three might look very trivial but are definitely among the top things you need to pack. You need to keep a moisturiser in case your skin gets dry. Plus, you need insect repellents in case you have a night out planned for camping. And lastly perfumes. Do you need a reason to pack perfume or deodorant?

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Reading materials

If you are into reading, then pack one paperback and stock a couple of books on your kindle as well! You never know when you might get the time for a leisurely read. Also, do not forget your spectacles, lens and glares!

You feel like you might remember these things but in the end moment when you are in a rush to pack things, there are chances you might end up skipping something. So, feel free to refer to this checklist before you go jet-setting!

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