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This New Glamglow Sheet Mask Bubbles On Your Face!

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There are people who enjoy beauty products. Who, in a composed manner, will use a product, and then frame perfectly understandable sentences about the product they have used. Then, there are people like me whose excitement levels go through the roof the minute they hear about a product launch.

So you can imagine the amount of self control it would take me to not go screaming around the office in excitement when I’m told I am to test out the new Glamglow Bubblesheet Oxygenating Deep Cleanse Mask. Unfortunately, I have none. Yes, you can picture it, can’t you? Anyhoo, once I caught my breath, and security was told that this was normal (!) behaviour, I sat down and did a quick search on this product.

This is the first sheet mask from the house of Glamglow, so the expectations were high. But so were the promises. This sheet mask is supposed to give me a glow, invigorate, detoxify and remove face makeup. Wait, was that remove face makeup? That’s the first for a sheet mask.

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I tore open the packaging…

(Warning: This sheet mask is black and it bubbles, so if you’re expecting guests,  you could scar them if you turn up with this at the door.)

You have to dampen your face, apply the mask and the bubbling action is almost instantaneous. I must mention here though, the bubbling action is more, foaming really than bubbling.

This is a super efficient mask so you need to keep it on for only 3 minutes. It does have some tingling action, but nothing that’s too intense. Once you take off the mask, you have to rub the remaining product on your face. Which I did, and it looked like I had shaving cream on my face. A quick rinse and you’re done!

My skin did appear cleaner and certainly felt softer after just one use. I cannot vouch for the deep cleansing action because this is supposed to be a weekly ritual, and I have used it only once. It would be premature of me to comment on the efficacy right away. If you are looking for a quick fix in your skincare regimen, this could be a great pick.

BRB. Have to convince Zahra to stock me up with a year’s supply of this.

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