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The Lip Mask That Will Hydrate Your Pout This Winter

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The weather is changing, and we are gradually moving from hot and sticky, to cool and dry. While the leaves might not be turning golden as they do in the movies, you know that winter is heading this way, thanks to the state of your skin.

When dryness starts hitting the corners your mouth and lips, that’s when you need to bring out the big guns. Now, I have never faced the issue of dry or chapped lips, but during the colder months they do tend to get dry and a tad bit tingly and swollen.

While lip balms do have their magic effect during the daytime (provided you keep applying them every now and then), sometimes that pucker needs a little more TLC. Step in the miraculous product called the lip mask!

Clinique Pep Start Pout Restoring Mask_Hauterfly

Clinique Pep-Start Pout Restoring Night Mask

So you know how face masks in general are the mini-spas your skin needs? A lip mask is pretty much the same, but built just for your lips.

Clinique’s Pep Start Pout Restoring Lip Mask is an ooey-gooey formula filled with a whole lot of hydrating and nourishing goodness. This little product comes in a tube and needs to be applied in the night prior to your beauty sleep.

Or you can actually use it as a quick priming mask, before applying your favourite lippy.

The mask basically plumps your lips up, leaving them soft, smooth, supple, and honestly, a whole lot pinker.

I even used it a couple of times during work-hours when I felt my lips were getting a little too dry, and the moisture stayed on pretty much the entire day!

The product comes in a cute little tube, that can be easily carried around in your bag — just so that you can hydrate whenever you want, wherever you want.

SHOP NOW: Clinique Pep-Start Pout Restoring Night Mask (Rs 1,550)*

*Available at all Clinique counters across the country


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