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You Can Now Buy Stuff From Alia Bhatt And Sonakshi Sinha’s Actual, Real Life Wardrobe. And It’s For A Good Cause Too!

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It’s not every day that we read about celebrities really standing up for a cause.  Mainly because celebrities don’t always talk about it their altruistic work and sometimes, because we simply don’t care enough for what can seem like superficial stuff. But when it’s done, it certainly intrigues us. Their voice is the loudest one when it supports a cause and when paired with a smart initiative, it benefits all the parties involved. Alia Bhatt’s passion project ‘Coexist’ is one such example and what they are doing right now is oh so interesting!

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Coexist is a platform started by Alia that works towards highlighting and assisting in animal and ecological welfare issues. Her recent step towards encouraging sustainable fashion is impressive and has an adorable name!

The annual sale called ‘Mi Wardrobe Is Su Wardrobe’, aims at stocking up on celebrity clothes and auctioning them off. Managed by Coexist and supported by SaltScout, this works as a kind of a ‘Garage Sale’ straight from celebrities’ actual closets. Alia herself is directly involved with the auction but has also manage to rope in another celeb to help with the inventory. Last year, it was Anushka Sharma who put her closet up for a raid and the results were quite wholesome!

According to Alia, “Mi Wardrobe Is Su Wardrobe is closet-cleaning for a cause. It will give you the chance to buy outfits straight from my personal wardrobe. And the best part? All proceeds will go to charity.”, she shared last year. The event is open to fans and shopaholics alike giving access to the impeccably cool personal wardrobes of the celebs, the proceeds of which go to charity. The idea is to minimise the wastage of clothes and recycle them through other buyers instead!

Celebrities often get a lot of flak for their high consumption of clothes and accessories for promotional needs. They go through clothes faster than you can say, ‘What about the environment?’  We have wondered about the garments ourselves, where do they go after the glamorous shoots and airport outings? Well, they keep some of them and here is where Alia has tried to give back.

This year, we have Sonakshi Sinha joining the cause and all the purchases made from the sale will go towards Being Human- The Salman Khan Foundation. If Sonakshi gives us a chance to buy even a tenth of her chic sunglasses’ collection, we’d feel blessed. We are also looking forward to her bootylicious denim collection and the many smart tees she’s known to flaunt.

The sale is going live tomorrow at, where you can register yourself and get real-time updates to when you the pieces will be available to shop. The website also puts up a few movie costumes up for grabs and they are quite fun. Head on over there but don’t forget to show us what you bought. Wear your purchases, click a pretty picture and tag us, we want to know!


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