13 Chic Weekender Bags To Travel In Style

Hello, long weekend *does a happy dance*! The tickets are booked, itineraries chalked out, and shopping done. But then there are those universal problems that almost all women face: What clothes to take along? How to pack? And more importantly, which weekender bag to carry? Let’s be honest, no one wants to lug around a big suitcase. Trust me, even your cutest puppy face will get you “the look” from your guy friend when pleading to him to help. Ladies, what you need is a bag that’s both spacious enough to hold all your essentials and light enough for you to carry. And of course, it needs to be chic. So here goes our list of weekender bags you should invest in.



WINK Weekender Bag With Pouch from Amazon (Rs 6,156)

Hershel Bag1_Hauterfly

Herschel Supply Co Novel Holdall in Spot Print (Rs 7,430)


Calvin Klein Travel Duffel Bag from Jabong (Rs 16,665)


Cupidity Orange Duffle Bag (Rs 4,000)

Kilim Duffel pink_Hauterfly

Baroque Duffel Bag from Love For Pretty Things (Rs 5,500)

Michael Kors Signature Weekend Bag_Hauterfly

Michael Kors Signature Large Weekender from Elitify (Rs 43,990)


Bandbox Duffle Bag from Jabong (Rs 2,490)


Viari Travel Duffel Bag from Jabong (Rs 11,050)


Aylen Overnighter from Nappa Dori (Rs 17,820)

Urban Outfitters duffel_Hauterfly

The North Face Duffel Bag from Urban Outfitters (Rs 8,800)

Zara 1_Hauterfly

Zara Ethnic Style Duffel Bag (Rs 4,990)


Voi Jeans Duffy Crossbody (Rs 1,299)


Fred Perry Classic Barrel Bag from ASOS (Rs 5,980)

Simi Kuriakose

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