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We’ve Changed Our Mind About Tiny-Bags-So-Small-They-Can-Barely-Hold-Anything.

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Everything in my closet serves a purpose. A pair of well fitted bootcut jeans make my butt look good and I save it for first dates. A cute mermaid sequinned bomber that I fought for at a sale makes my everyday basics dressier and a tad bit more fun. Then there are the colourful hair beads that I picked up from a hawker on a train that I keep for photo-ops, just in case. These are the ones that are functional, yet, I have fallen to temptation and bought things solely for aesthetic value and that don’t really do anything. The hottest accessory right now falls in the same category of indulging oneself in pretty little things, as well. The tiny bag has taken the fashion world by storm and we have finally sorted out our feelings towards it!

Full disclosure, when at first the OG tiny bag, a wee little thing that’s the Jacquemus Mini Bag, hit the scene I was conflicted. It seemed like one of those phase-accessories that are cool in an ironic way. I mean, a bag is a necessity for women to carry their essentials around. Even if they are just grabbing their cash, card, and keys, a dainty satchel should have enough room for add-ons like lipsticks and gum. Why then would you carry a bag that’ll run out of room even if you whisper in it? But Alas! they are indeed turning into a proper accessory to invest in and we think there’s a deep sense of vanity in it. Also, say what you may, Ananya Panday’s tiny heart bag is cute AF!

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The tiny bag has given us major memes this year as well. Which was partly the reason why I warmed up to it a little in the first place. I love a silly purchase which you do because you don’t need it but simply want it. They’ll also warrant an endless supply of jokes from your girlfriends but when has being the center of attention been a problem for you! (*wink*)

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