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The Watch That Tatiana Has Her Heart Set On

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When it comes to accessories, there’s nothing I love more than a stylish watch. It’s also one of the first things I notice (after footwear) when I meet people. The more creative the watch is, the more I love it! Without exaggeration, let’s just say I own enough watches to satiate my every fashion need — from something rugged and retro, to something glam and vintage, to even something outright funky, and they were all love at first sight! With that being said, it definitely doesn’t mean I fall for anything. Even though I am all for technology, digital isn’t something I love with my watches. I do prefer them the analogue way!

The ASOS Marble Face Watch is one that tickles my fancy for all that’s vintage. Now, since my wrists aren’t particularly watch-friendly, I tend to go mainly for leather straps, which are relatively small in width *shout out to all you narrow wrist peeps who feel my pain*. Nude is something I am on the ball with this season, whether it is footwear or clothing. Hence, I am totally on board with this colour, as it is neutral and can be paired with literally anything. Most importantly, what I love most about this watch is its dial. Again, the wrist-barriers prevent me from wearing big dials even though I am a fan; however, this seems to be the perfect fit. The marble finish gives it a lovely vintage touch, instantly adding an element of class to the general appeal of the watch — what a perfect addition to my collection!

SHOP NOW: ASOS Marble Face Watch (approx Rs 1,914)


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