Editor’s Pick: Shachi’s Classy Houndstooth Brogues

Editor’s Pick: Shachi’s Classy Houndstooth Brogues

Walking around town in a good pair of shoes often gives me the confidence to take on the world single-handedly. I love pampering myself with a gift from time to time. No matter how big or small, I try to do this every two weeks or then just indulge in my favourite foods. I love to make myself feel special, and there’s nothing like a good pair of shoes to help me with that!

You might think houndstooth is passé, and I know it’s not exactly a trending thing, but I’ve never been too big on trends anyway. Besides, monochrome black and white never quite goes out of style, does it? I like picking statement pieces that match my taste because I know I’ll wear them for a long time to come. And brogues always have a special place in my heart. So trendy or not, I knew I had to get my hands on these houndstooth brogues when I first saw them.


The_Label-Life_Houndstooth_ Brogues_Hauterfly

The Label Life Houndstooth Brogues

These 100% cotton brogues are perfect for daily wear and I love how chic they look. Wear them with a whirt shirt and culottes to work on Monday or with boyfriend jeans on Friday. You can also pair them with a mini and a coloured tee when you’re stepping out to have some fun. This pair elevates your look from boring to fun in a matter of seconds.

You just can’t go wrong with monochrome anything. Monochrome, in my opinion is timeless; you just need to know how to style it well. The key is to not overdo it and blend the rest of your outfit with it. Carry a backpack that goes with your overall look and you’re good to go. What can I say — monochrome brogues that look as good as this one and are so decently priced? I’m sold already!

SHOP HERE: The Label Life Houndstooth Brogues (Rs 1,750)

Shachi Lavingia

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