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The Easiest Detox Guide For The Holiday Season

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It’s holiday plus wedding season. So, you’ve been going a little harder on the alcohol and the food. All that shaadi ka khaana, filled with excess salts and sugars, is naturally making you feel a little bloated. Maybe it’s time go on a detox!

You don’t need to wait till the season is over, just find a couple of days for a quick break from the debauchery for this easy detox routine. Trust us, it will keep you looking fine,and feeling fit for the rest of the season.

Detox Water

1. Drink Infused Water

Do this first thing in the morning, and try it after meals as well. You can carry an infuser bottle around with you; they are readily available in the market. Mix in a few pieces of lemon, or lime, and ginger into your water. This will flush out toxins and settle your stomach. You’ll be back to normal in no time.

Herbal Tea

2. Herbal Teas

Load up on herbal teas, especially those with less caffeine. They will hydrate your body and tackle all sorts of health related issues. Chamomile, spearmint, and tulsi are just a few options.  You can check out more amazing herbal teas here.


3. Water

Yes, I know this is very ‘duh‘! But we still tend to forget, don’t we? Opt for a full 10 glasses of water per day or more. Set yourself reminders if you need to, through the day. Water will flush out toxins, boost your metabolism, add glow to your skin, and have your system back in order! BUT… be careful, don’t chug! It will do you and your digestion best to sip slowly.


4. Don’t Fill Up On Fruit

Yes, I said don’t. Fruits are important, just not on a full stomach. Eating fruits on a full stomach may cause your digestion more harm because the acids may ferment in your stomach. Eat fruit first thing in the morning or once you have fully digested your meal. Also, it’s best not to spike your sugar right after you’ve eaten.

mall walking

5. Walk, Walk & Stretch

Too lazy to exercise? Walk! Holiday shopping, on a phone call, doing some thinking at work? Just walk. Increase the amount of steps you take in order to burn calories and ease digestion. Just don’t do it right after eating. Also, whenever you have 5 minutes to yourself, just do some stretches. It’ll relax your body and allow it to de-bloat.

Fennel Seeds

6. Fennel Seeds

Fennel seeds aka saunph, is something that’s common in our culture to chew on after a meal, and with good reason. Chewing on a few fennel seeds can really reduce inflammation and calm your digestive system, so it’s the best cure after a heavy meal.


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