#HauteHack: Untangle Your Necklace In A Jiffy

Most of us suffer from being organisationally challenged when it comes to jewellery. Despite owning several jewellery boxes and trinket holders, we still have exasperating moments when two (or more!) necklaces inadvertently get tangled with each other. For me, this usually happens when I’m in a hurry, and the one neck piece I want to wear is the one that’s embroiled in a fierce twist with another! Untangling them is difficult, time-consuming and requires a zen master’s patience levels. However, thanks to yet another day spent aimlessly discovering hacks on the interwebs, I’ve come across this genius way to untangle your neckpiece. All you need is a cotton swab and some baby oil.


Johnson's Baby Oil_Hauterfly



You heard that right. A cotton swab mixed with baby oil will help you untangle your precious baubles in a snap. First dip a cotton swab in some baby oil, then rub it over the tangled portion of your necklace. As the neckpiece becomes slippery from the oil, keep pulling the chain to undo the knots. To make this process slightly less messy, use a bobby pin to undo the knots but do this gently. You don’t want the pins leaving scratch marks on your delicate jewellery. There…how easy was that!

Simi Kuriakose

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