Sculptural Jewellery That’s Like Wearable Art? Check!

There’s no such thing as too many baubles; you always have room for more. The sheer happiness of thrifting, or shelling out moolah for one-of-a-kind pieces, then waiting for the perfect moment to wear them for the first time, mixing and matching them on another day, waiting for compliments to come rolling in… it’s a chain of events I never tire of, if I’m being completely honest!

My roommate loves me because I own all kinds of jewellery — dressy chains, quirky brooches, edgy ear cuffs — but I’m in awe of understated pieces that are fuss-free yet make a statement. Browsing for handcrafted pieces on Etsy is a favourite ritual, because I love checking out artisanal jewellery from around the world that I can acquire at reasonable prices. Closer home, there are a ton of interesting labels creating exquisite pieces that have seriously glocal appeal.

I was recently acquainted with the awesomely chic Manifest Design, and I must say it was a crush on first sight. Co-founded by siblings Manreet and Samrat Deol, the homegrown label makes sculptural, contemporary pieces for the modern woman that’s worth every penny (it’s actually quite affordable, girls!). They take inspiration from gnarled corals, sensuous vines, bold rock sculptures, urban art, opera and even street food to create unique pieces that speak for themselves. Using sand-casting techniques (a metallurgy procedure where designs are first sculpted in clay, then cast in brass or aluminium), the designs are stunning but the craftsmanship certainly deserves a mention.

I particularly love the pieces that have rough edges on account of being hammered; they are tender yet bold, and high on visual appeal. If you’re one of those who likes to keep an eye out for what’s hot in jewellery, then Manifest has something for all your moods: edgy chokers, delicate earrings, statement pendants et al!

SHOP NOW: Manifest Design, starting at Rs 650.


Sirena Collar Necklace_Hauterfly

Sirena Collar Necklace (Rs 2,700)

Dune Cuff_Hauterfly

Dune Cuff (Rs 2,500)

Sirena Twist Earrings_Hauterfly

Sirena Twist Earrings (Rs 2,100)

Ribbon Flat Cuff_Hauterfly

Ribbon Flat Cuff (Rs 1,900)

Totem Pendents - Set of 3_Hauterfly

Totem Pendents – Set of 3 (Rs 1,900)

Ribbon Drop Earrings new_Hauterfly

Ribbon Drop Earrings (Rs 1,650)

Totem Flat Bangle Set_Hauterfly

Totem Flat Bangle Set (Rs 1,900)

Aether Cuff_Hauterfly

Aether Cuff (Rs 3,800)

Ribbon Large Hoop Earrings_Hauterfly

Ribbon Large Hoop Earrings (Rs 2,450)

Ribbon Pendent_Hauterfly

Ribbon Pendent (Rs 1,400)

Ribbon Hoop Earrings_Hauterfly

Ribbon Hoop Earrings (Rs 2,150)

Ribbon Bangle new_Hauterfly

Ribbon Bangle (Rs 1,900)

Quarry Wrapped Bracelet_Hauterfly

Quarry Wrapped Bracelet (Rs 2,100)

Totem Hoop Earrings new_Hauterfly

Totem Hoop Earrings (Rs 1,850)

Simi Kuriakose

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