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‘Koffee With Karan’ S7: Karan Johar’s Sartorial Choices Are Proof That He’s Having Grand Mid-Life Crisis!

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Koffee With Karan has long been a stable source of gossip for everyone in the country. We love the hot goss that spills along with the fabulous banter that stirs. But, on top of this, we also love the amazing fashion styles and standards that are set up in the show. This has always held true for Karan Johar too. He has always been the literal diva and grand dame of Bollywood, there is no denying that.


Karan Johar’s fashion sense has always been on fleek but upon hitting 50, it’s as if all that has changed. He is now, admittedly going through a grand mid-life crisis which is, of course, making him go bold and experiment with his style and fashion sense in a way that sometimes it’s a super se bhi upar ka hit but, sometimes it’s a total mess. Lately, his outfits have shifted vigorously. They have become all about big prints, weird patterns, shiny clothes, excessive bling and the most absurd colours. This is in every way possible, unlike him. It’s clear proof of the fact that he’s at that stage in life where the ‘need to go bold in order to not grow old’ sets in. Yep! It’s a definite mid-life crisis.

But, don’t take my word for it, I come bearing proof. Here are some of his recent outfits from the show that reflect the fact that Karan Johar’s fashion sense is changing rapidly, with his age.

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6 Outfits That Prove Karan Johar’s Fashion Experimentation

1. The ‘Golden Birds Fly Away’ Look


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A post shared by Karan Johar (@karanjohar)

I appreciate the dashing black suit aspect of this outfit but the blingy and flashy golden bird on his chest is like a big question mark. I mean, I swear, it seems like even the birds want to literally fly away.

2.  The ‘I Love Red Cars’ Look


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I literally don’t understand this outfit. It looks like senior PJs that he literally forgot to change out of. I mean, I guess it’s good, even if his brain stands still at points, his outfit will definitely go vroom!

3. The ‘Super Silver Bling-Thing’ Look


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A post shared by Karan Johar (@karanjohar)

While the bling game is real . . . perhaps, a little too real because it’s giving trashy costume vibes. I mean, why is he shining like a literal disco ball? I mean, I get the need to shine but, this might a bit too shiny!

4. The ‘Red Flower Power’ Look


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All I have to say is the fact that he looks like phulandevi redefined. I mean the red and huge flowers and leaves all over the jacket remind me of the garden that’s beyond just overgrown. I think Karan Johar needs to tend to his garden, now.

5.  The ‘A Little Too Much Gold’ Look


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This outfit screams gold in every way possible. It seems like Karan Johar has literally taken the inspiration from both Bappi Lahiri in the 90s and Janice in her animal-print-laden attire. I think he needs to come back to the modern era.

6. The ‘Too Cool For School’ Look


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A post shared by Karan Johar (@karanjohar)

The only thing that I like about this outfit is his bomber jacket but, it doesn’t really suit his vibe. It seems like he’s mixed ‘too cool for school’ with ‘I’m a little too old for this’. Might want to change your stylist, sir.

Karan Johar’s changing fashion sense isn’t just limited to his clothes. Even after being known for high excessively high-end fashion sense, his choice of shades and glasses is beyond sad. His choice of statement glasses to go with every outfit isn’t really a great idea. I mean, they not only make him look over the top but also older and a bit too extra.

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On top of this, his attempt to experiment to help him deal with this crisis clearly doesn’t work out in his favour a lot. I think he should bring back his older stylist because he’s clearly losing the fashion quotient he was really known for in the industry. I really have to urge, Karan ji, iss change ko bhi, aap change karlo!

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