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Karan Johar Shares A Video Of His Twins Dancing To Aankh Maarey And It’s The Cutest And Most Entertaining Thing You Will Watch All Day

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I love children, most of the time. Wait, let me rephrase that. I like kids when they aren’t crying. I mean, they’re just so adorable and their carefree attitude is always so contagious. I wish I was quarantined with a child in the house, there wouldn’t be one boring moment through this lockdown. But unfortunately, I am the child in my house and my parents don’t indulge me as much with good reason.

However, I was scrolling through Instagram the other day, looking for dog and cat videos to binge on, and I came across the most adorable video. It was a video of Karan Johar’s three-year-old twins Roohi and Yash parading through his closet. Side note: I could kill for a closet like his and I mean with some of the clothes in it.

His twins are hands down the cutest little munchkins ever and man, it’s amazing how savage they are sometimes (I wonder where they get that from). If you think about it, Karan is doing us a favour by uploading those videos of Roohi and Yash and all their entertaining antics. And I am not the kind of person who goes gaga over celebrity children, but I have actually been kind of hooked on to these videos ever since Karan started uploading them. I mean, those cuties have the most infectious smile, they can easily cheer anyone up even on the worst days of this lockdown.

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Don’t believe me? Watch the latest video that their “Dadda” uploaded earlier today. The video features the twins grooving to Aankh Maarey. This is actually what Nietzsche meant when he said, “dance like no one is watching”.

Sharing the video on Instagram Karan wrote, “We started the morning with a dance performance! Watch me being dragged to the dance floor! #lockdownwiththejohars #aankhmarey.”

The video also features their grandmother, Hiroo Johar who is dancing to the song while being seated. She is a regular cast member of the Lockdown with the Johars show (so is Karan’s closet). At the end of the video, Yash clings onto Karan’s tee and pulls him trying to make him dance as well. While Roohi does her own dance thingy and Karan calls her a “relentless dancer”.

This video definitely made my day.

Another one of my favourite video’s is of the two of them colouring. Roohi is filling in a lamp with a colour she thinks is pink but it isn’t and Yash has well, made a horrible mess on his page. Combine all that with Karan’s amusing comments, it’s all so enjoyable to watch.

Check out some of their other videos these are guaranteed to make you smile:

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Seriously, how cute are they?

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