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#HauteHack: The Insanely Easy Trick To Wash Silk Garments At Home

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As kids, I remember how I’d pester my mother so she’d allow me to wear my silk dresses at home. Why? Just so I could parade in front of the mirror and pretend to be a diva. She’d almost always refuse unless she was in a really good mood. Obviously, back then the fabric was kept away for special occasions, and let’s be honest it is still a luxury for most of us. Despite the comfort it provides and how it feels against your skin (so delicate, isn’t it?), silk is a fabric that people prefer not to wash at home (read: my mother… thus the reluctance in allowing me to try them at home).

But contrary to popular belief, it can be washed at home provided you do that once in a blue moon, and also very gently. Yes! Want to don that chic silk jumpsuit to a hurriedly planned date, but you just remembered that it’s due for a sesh with the dry cleaners? Fret not, fashionable girl! I found this uber-easy hack that will help you with that cleaning emergency, and that too in a jiffy. BTW, your go-to product here is baby shampoo.

Aha! All you need for this style hack is baby shampoo. First up, fill a bucket with lukewarm water. Ensure that the water in the bucket is just mildly warm and not too hot. Now add a cap full or two of baby shampoo into  it. Wash your silk garment in this solution gently. Remember to keep the washing brief — just for a couple of minutes — because keeping silk in water for a long time can damage the cloth. Voila, clean silk garments in a jiffy like I promised! PS: Silk is a protein fibre just like your hair, so if you don’t have baby shampoo you can also use your regular shampoo, provided it is extremely gentle.


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