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Hina Khan’s Dhoti Pants Are Unflattering For The Indian Body Type. She Could’ve Done Better

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Most celebrities manage to avoid messing up tricky trends, the horde of stylists they hire make sure of that. But some clothing trends are so tricky that even celebs can’t carry them off. And this despite the fact that they are usually in shape so most things look good on them. Dhoti style pants and pyjamas are one such ethnic trend and IMO, they don’t look flattering on anyone. Hina Khan seems to be the latest victim of the dhoti and we tried to figure out how to actually do it. Don’t get us wrong, they can look good on some people but this look on Hina Khan isn’t working.

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The actress recently posted her pictures in plain white dhoti pants and short Anarkali kurta. The soap star looked uncomfortable and the silhouette too shabby, bringing down the whole ensemble. We aren’t fans.

Here’s why we think the look didn’t not work on Hina. The actress is quite petite, and the fold of the dhoti pants did no favours. The gathers make her legs look shorter, something no short person wants to do to their frame. The short kurta is to blame as well. It flares at the wrong length, barely reaches past her hips which is why the outfit ends up looking unbalanced and awkward. For someone as tiny as Hina, the flat sandals further shorten her already small frame and thereby do her no favours.

The thing is, as Indian women, we tend to be generous in the hip area. This sort of kurta that adds volume to the silhouette isn’t flattering. Add to that the dhoti pants and we have a mess on our hands.

For short girls to pull off the look, we can turn to Parineeti’s look for pointers. Even though it’s a dressier version of Hina’s, it has small hints as to how dhoti pants can be worn to actually skim in the hip area and give more shape. Keep your kurtis longer, opt for pants that are baggier at the ankle AND wear heels!

The actress recently reunited with her Kasauti… co-stars. It seems all is well between the rumoured feuding leading ladies!

Hina Khan will be next seen in Rahat Kazmi’s film Wish List, opposite actor Jitendra Rai.



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