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You ‘Wood’ Kill For The Sunglasses Tatiana’s Sporting!

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There’s no such thing as owning way too many pairs of sunglasses. I mean, they are a necessity, unless you reside in darkness and, even if you do, I am guessing you swipe on those shades just for the swag of it.

Yes, talking about swag (urgh, I hate that word), the truth of the matter is that sunglasses have a more stylish purpose, besides protecting your eyes, duh!

When I pick out a pair, along with the UV protection, there are so many other factors I have to keep in mind — does it suit the shape of my face, how does it look with my hair tied, will the nose bracket dent my skin, does it make my ears stand out more than usual? Ah, so many factors indeed!


Hidesign Natural Masai Ebony 


But one of the most important points is its threshold to steer clear of any drops, aka my butterfingers. Chips, dents, and scrapes are common on most of my sunglasses that are made of plastic or metal frames. It is annoying because sometimes, all it takes is a small drop to cause a big bang.

However, with Hidesign’s all-new wooden framed sunglasses, I needn’t worry about damaging my sunglasses from tiny accidents. These unique pair of shades by Hidesign Naturals is made of ebony wood and provides a great textured matte effect, compared with a glossy one.

The shape of the frame is also quite trendy and gives me a break from the usual OTT cat-eye I love to flaunt. So, this summer, I am going to beat the heat a little differently, with Hidesign Naturals’ wooden framed sunglasses!

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