Editor’s Pick: Simi’s Sleek Geometric Earrings

Some days I’m all about the December cheer and I’ll cover it all: happy carol singing, decking up to look my best, squeezing in too many plans, and finally, partying like I’m still in my teens. Other days, when I’m feeling more sober, I like keeping my look minimal. And by that I mean wearing minimalist designs that still make a statement.

I always look out for things that are unique but still fit my personality. Unless it’s an occasion that demands something dressy, I stick to clean and crisp jewellery that’s mostly light-weight. So when I found this lovely pair of earrings at Olio — a brand new e-store stocked with affordable yet fashion forward clothing and accessories — I knew this was my next pick.


Trapezoid earrings In Post_Hauterfly

Olio Trapezoid Earrings

These trapezoid earrings are from the brand’s Binary collection hence the use of two elements — ebony wood and German silver. Shaped like a trapezoid, I love the way it is structured and also its monochromatic design. Opt for it on one of those ‘dress up but not too much’ days, and I think you’ll still manage to make a point — even on such days, you’re still the diva.

SHOP NOW: Olio Trapezoid Earrings (Rs 1,500)

Simi Kuriakose

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