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Ed Sheeran’s Mumbai Concert Tickets Are Going Live Much Sooner Than You Thought!

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Exactly 28 days ago, we told you that musical heartthrob, Ed Sheeran, is going to be performing in Mumbai, on November 19, and everyone circled that date on the calendar, making it a very, very, very important one.

And now, you need to bookmark another date and that is July 4. No, I’m not that excited about America’s Independence Day (sorry, Trump). On that day, okay, hold your breath — Ed’s Mumbai concert tickets will go live! *cue screaming*

On Tuesday, July 4 at noon, the Book My Show site is going to get swamped with fans and you should basically cancel the first half of the day to do nothing else but log on, because it is going to be a scene out of The Hunger Games.

The tickets will start from Rs 4,750 and make their way up. Experience from past concerts tell us that these tickets will probably be the furthest from the stage (and Ed), and all we will be able to see is a glimpse of Mr Sheeran, that too on the big screen.

Also, we hear that the venue will be the Jio Gardens at BKC. Yup, after that little stint at the D.Y. Patil stadium, our fave venue is back in the spotlight.

More information will be revealed soon; till then, go spread the news with joy, get ready to save up for the concert, and watch his recent carpool karaoke gig below because there is no such thing as too much Ed, right?




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