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Balenciaga’s Latest Paris Sneakers Are As Destroyed As Our Love Lives

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Storytelling and fashion have weaved a deep bond over the test of time. So much so that it has become an essential aspect while curating and marketing some very bizarre designs. And now testing our patience, a fashion giant has the internet uttering the three words “What the f*ck.” And to clear the air, it in no way is heading towards the positive end. So, getting to the point, popular fashion house, Balenciaga has put its new collection on display. Tapping into the “how should we surprise people next” category, Balenciaga’s latest Paris sneakers look like my face after the thrashing I will receive from my mom, if I attempt to buy them.

Not dazzling, not so-edgy or colourful and based on the popular Converse shoes’ skeleton Balenciaga’s Paris Sneakers are worn out and look like a pair, that a soldier in war might have lost. Always pushing boundaries with its eccentric design language and the designs it uses to dress up its muses, I mean Kim Kardashian ko hi dekh lo, this latest collection is what I would call, “meri samajh ke baahar.”


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The $625 worth worn-out, almost dead textured shoes are a part of a limited edition series, which is now available for pre-order. While the pieces on Balenciaga’s official website don’t look as bad as the ones stuck on the campaign page, it still my friends is a cause of concern. And when you think it’s all the trauma you can take in, Balenciaga drops by to suggest that the Paris Sneakers, are available in colour options like black, white and red. The dirty, messy pair also has the shoe brand’s name engraved like a wall spray paint on it, which I am sure if not the world, Pete Davidson would love to flaunt (Kim hai na).

While Balenciaga has the audacity to market the sneakers as “meant to be worn for a lifetime” (how even?), the internet is here with some interesting arguments about why the pair won’t make it to its shopping cart. Take a look at some of these responses.

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Unlike us, if you can’t wait to add these sneakers to your kitty, then please hold on till the end of May, 2022 for them to reach you, I mean for the official launch.

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