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Priced At $1000, These Balenciaga’s Stiletto Crocs Are Just All Confusing And Not Very Appealing

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Luxury fashion has a way of baffling us with products that make no sense whatsoever. What do you mean a tiny bag that is just the right size for packing my ex’s emotional quotient not functional? Yet, Jacquemus’s ‘Mini Le Chiquito’ assortment came alarmingly under the category of bags. Then we had Gucci recently selling a basic Indian kurti for 2.5 lakhs while Indian designers were wondering, ‘Hum kya kare, job chod de?’ And here I am, staring at my screen, trying to figure the purpose behind the absurdity that comes along this footwear capsule by Balenciaga x Crocs. Is it a pair of crocs? Is it a pair of stilettos? Is it a drainage plunger? I can’t tell. These stiletto crocs are here to make us barf while we wonder the people who actually buy these deserve a reality show of their own.

Priced at $1000 (a little more than 70k INR) one can buy these once they go on sale, if you want to pull off the “ugly hot” trend. Or if you want a luxury AF plunger for your clogged bathroom drain. The heels are made of the material that will remind you of the Nerf gun bullets, in case you want to throw your chappal at someone, this might be of some use. But that’s gonna be one hell of an expensive hit. Make sure you make it worth it.


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This is not the first time Balenciaga and Crocs collaborated. Back in 2017, they launched crocs with platform heels. These came in two styles – embellished and non-embellished. The embellished ones were priced at $850 and got sold out pretty fast.

They are crocs – nobody wears them for style. So what’s the point of adding heels to them? The entire point of wearing clogs is getting support and protection. These were initially worn by workers in mines and construction sites. In Europe, these are called safety footwear! Excuse me, but if I wanted my person balancing on a pair of Nerf-bullet like foam heels, I would not go for Crocs. But well, the rich has funny interests, stiletto Crocs being one.


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Is the pair ugly? Yes. Will I wear it if I could afford it? No. I would go for either heels or crocs. This amalgamation isn’t going on my feet! I don’t know if this is an aesthetic choice or the brands flipping off the luxury fashion industry and the elite class with these uglies. Or are they mocking just how blinded by brands people are? Or do they really consider this drainage plunger cum Nerf bullet shoe a wonder of art? So many questions we shall never find the answer to.

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