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8 Fashion Trends From The ’90s That You’re STILL Wearing Today!

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Fashion fanatic or not, if you are ’90s babe, you know that fashion played a major role in pretty much everything we did — from our movies and music videos, to every form of pop culture.

Don’t worry you non-’90s babies, we aren’t ignoring you. You will relate to these trends too, because these fads are current fashion staples that are probably taking over your wardrobe!

In terms of fashion, the ’90s created a new turnaround of trends — some of which were oh-so strange, while most went down in fashion history. A lot of characters or celebrities were associated with certain styles that, till today, we cannot get out of our heads.

Although many of these iconic trends from the ’90s got a slight contemporary makeover when they returned, we’re pretty sure that these classic styles continue to be your go-to statements.

Whether it’s Rachel Green’s styling from FRIENDS or Kajol’s brown button-down maxi from DDLJ, here are 8 fashion trends from the ’90s that have paved a way to your heart and your closet!

Let us know in the comments below which of these trends you are totally rocking even today! You must be guilty of at least one, right?


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1. The Plaid Shirt

Plaid suddenly became a massive thing after the squad wore it in Clueless. However, post the ’90s grunge phase, plaid flannel shirts got an all-new rock-chick avatar.

Bringing plaid to the fashion table, was also the FRIENDS character Rachel Green, where on multiple occasions, she chose to wear this print, including as a tie-up crop top.

Looking to style it now? Simply pair your plaid shirt with a pair of leggings and tank top, strap on some boots, and you’re ready to rock the Nirvana-esque look!


90s Fashion Trends_Hauterfly

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90s Fashion Trends_Hauterfly

Courtesy: This Daylyn Music

2. The Crop

Omg! The crop top is such an iconic part of fashion history. The ’90s were all about showing off that midriff (whether your parents approved or not).

Seen in various movies, such as 10 Things I Hate About You and She’s All That, this trend was making people crop things like it was hot. Let the Spice Girls show you how!

This hasn’t quite gotten a full-on makeover, but it does come in various styles now, including a bustier, bralette, jacket, or even the plain ol’ tank top crops.

This looks best when paired with high waist denims or skirts.

90s Fashion Trends_Hauterfly

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Courtesy: Clueless

3. The Slip Dress

Wearing a slip over a t-shirt was such a ’90s trend. It was spotted in movies such as Clueless, series such as FRIENDS and 90210, and even a couple of Bollywood movies such as Kuch Kuch Hota Hai.

The ‘slip’ wasn’t just confined to a top, but also the slip dress! We’ve seen Rihanna pull this off now, but did you know that it was something that dates waaaay back?

If you’re looking for a simple approach, then simply style your slip with a plain self-coloured t-shirt. It adds a chic element to it.

90s Fashion Trends_Hauterfly

Femella Floral Slip Dress (Rs 894)


90s Fashion Trends_Hauterfly

Courtesy: Full House

4. The Ruffled Off-Shoulder

Oh my, we have seen so much of this trend doing the rounds lately, haven’t we? The ruffled off-shoulder is a late ’80s-early ’90s trend that looked like you were ready to party.

Getting rid of those shoulder pads, this trend was meant to show-off those sexy collarbones!

Nowadays, this is seen in both red carpet ensembles, as well everyday casual attires. It’s the off-shoulder, need I say more about this?

90s Fashion Trends_Hauterfly

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90s Fashion Trends_Hauterfly

Courtesy: The Fashion Grunge

5. The Choker

If we’re bringing up the off-shoulder, how the hell can we ignore the choker? The tattoo’d choker is something even we, the #HauteSquad, are guilty of wearing at some point in our lives.

Chokers suddenly regained their fame last year and still stand strong when it comes to accessorising.

The makeover? Nowadays they’re not just confined to looking like dog-collars, and actually have a certain feminine aspect to them. They also work well when layering your necklaces!


90s Fashion Trends_Hauterfly

Glitz Fashion Choker 6 Piece Set (Rs 699)


90s Fashion Trends_Hauterfly

Courtesy: FRIENDS

6. The Dungaree

Come on! ’90s babies out there, you know what we’re talking about. At some point in your life, your mum most definitely slipped you into one of these onesies, and you probably hated it, didn’t you?

Now a fashion statement, wearing a pair of dungarees (or a dungaree jumpsuit) couldn’t be cooler.

Available in different formats — skinny, shorts, bells, culottes — this makeover is probably the coolest of the lot!

And guess what? Pair it with an off-shoulder crop, and you’ve got yourself the whole ’90s package.

90s Fashion Trends_Hauterfly

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90s Fashion Trends_Hauterfly


7. The Hoops

We lurveed hoop earrings in the ’90s, didn’t we? Besides those darn strange chokers, hoop earrings were definitely the go-to accessories for all.

These round earrings came in all sizes, ranging from itty bitty ones to the massive, circus kinds.

Wear them with a pair of jeans and a white tee, and you’ve amped the classic outfit up a notch!

90s Fashion Trends_Hauterfly

Koovs Fine Detailing Hoop Earrings (Rs 219)


90s Fashion Trends_Hauterfly

Courtesy: Yash Raj Films

8. The Maxi Dress

You probably do not remember this, but buttoned down maxi dresses were totally a thing of the ’90s. Giving a very European-esque vibe, wearing your shirt maxi dress with ankle-boots was a thing.

Add a t-shirt under the dress, and you’ve got yourself a blend of 2 styles.

Don’t believe us? Well, Kajol wore it in DDLJ and then we saw Kangana Ranaut rock it Queen.

90s Fashion Trends_Hauterfly

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