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#HauteHacks: 3 DIY Friendship Bracelets For Your BFF

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What’s life without your BESTIES? It might sound like a over-dramatised statement, but you know it’s true.

I mean, all of us need a dose of our bestie EVERY single day. Whether it’s through WhatsApp or a Facebook Like, not a day passes by without keeping her in loop with every detail of our life.

Sure, she can drive you crazy sometimes, but you know she’s your soul-sister, bae, the secret-keeper, your 2 AM call buddy and your main, all rolled in one.

So, with Friendship day tomorrow, we suggest you surprise your sister from another mister with the ultimate offering: a friendship bracelet.

You’re probably rolling your eyes thinking you could just buy one from a cutesy store, but trust us, nothing makes it more special than getting your hands dirty and making one yourself, with oodles of love that will redefine #FriendshipGoals.

Get your crafty hat on and watch our tutorial on how to make your own DIY friendship bands this Friendship Day.

Psst.. these bracelets make for a good everyday hand accessory too!


Always fluttering around looking for a great pair of sole-mates.

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