Exclusive: Sargun Mehta Lists 4 Red Flags That Can Be A Relationship Killer. Take Notes, Guys!

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Exclusive: Sargun Mehta Lists 4 Red Flags That Can Be A Relationship Killer. Take Notes, Guys!

Relationships are like delicate ecosystems—thriving when nurtured but faltering when warning signs are ignored. With relationships being digitized and the fast-paced world of dating, understanding red flags is the biggest hurdle in relationships. During her chat with Hauterrfly’s The Male Feminist, actor Sargun Mehta discussed the signs that can make or break a relationship. The actor shared insights on a few red flags she believes spell trouble for relationships also talks about her relationship with her husband Ravi Dubey.

1. Silent Treatment Syndrome

Sargun Mehta stresses the importance of open communication. Sargun added, “You should be very open to talk about anything (with your partner) because if you are not then it just makes it very awkward to sort of manoeuvre life.” Holding back feelings or desires can create a wall between partners. According to her, chatting about the big and small stuff builds trust and intimacy. Ignoring this can lead to misunderstandings, brewing resentment, and eventually, a huge relationship iceberg.


2. The Unfair Share Dilemma

Ever felt like you’re carrying the relationship’s weight solo? Surgun Mehta talked about the need for equal effort. She lauds partners who pitch in, whether it’s household chores or financial burdens. However, when one person carries the load, it’s a recipe for relationship strife.


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3. Blind to Red Flags

Sargun Mehta highlighted the “love is blind” mentality when it comes to relationships and dating. Sure, nobody’s perfect, but sweeping issues under the rug? Confronting problems head-on prevents them from festering. Turning a blind eye only makes matters worse, leading to relationship breakdowns.


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4. The Laziness Lament

Relationships need TLC. Laziness is definitely a relationship killer. Sargun Mehta highlighted the importance of investing time and energy. Without it, things go stale. Effort and dedication keep the flame alive. But if one partner’s lounging while the other’s hustling, it’s a recipe for disaster.


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Sargun Mehta talked about important factors that can make or break relationships. By tackling issues like poor communication, unequal effort, ignoring problems, and lack of commitment, couples can build stronger bonds. Ultimately, open communication, support, and genuine effort are key to thriving relationships, even in challenging times. Further into the conversation with Hauterrfly, Sargun Mehta talked about her relationship with Ravi Dubey, talking about their experiences and stories together.

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