Exclusive: Sargun Mehta Praises Ravi Dubey: “He’s Not A Green Flag, But A Tropical Forest”. Where Are Such Men?

We also one green flag munda!
Exclusive: Sargun Mehta Praises Ravi Dubey: “He’s Not A Green Flag, But A Tropical Forest”. Where Are Such Men?

Maintaining relationships in this day and age is like cracking a formula. Right? Resolving one that she and her partner have cracked is actress Sargun Mehta. Speaking to Hauterrfly’s The Male Feminist, Mehta went on to talk about the red and green flags in a relationship. Speaking about romance in the modern age, the actress said that today relationships are all about swiping to the next.

Praising her husband/actor Ravi Dubey, the actress said that Dubey is not a green flag but an entire “tropical forest.” Speaking about her relationship with Ravi, the actress said–”Yesterday only we were giving an interview and somebody said that Ravi is not just a green flag, but a tropical forest and I completely agree with it.” She further added–”He is not somebody who keeps you on his toes, not somebody who doesn’t care about you or be unkind.”


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Mehta went on to mention that he is very sensitive and is affected by small things that bother her–”Like during Covid if I was cooking meals, he would participate and say he would do the dishes, and would not let me do all the work. He understands that the things we do is for us, and the home together. He will never say that I will do all of these chores because I am a woman.” On the professional front, she mentioned–”Even from a work point of view, the decisions that are supposed to be taken by me, no matter it is finance or taxes, he will never interfere. It is always about who is better at what. It is not about what the society thinks. It is just about who is good at what.”

Speaking about modern-day red flags, Sargun said that it is not just the men who are red flags, but also the women. She said–”Relationships are not made with five good or five bad things. They are made with 99 bad ones and one good one. That is how you figure out, what you like in that person in that black area and that you figure out a life together.” Well, we totally agree with Sargun on this!

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