Shehnaaz Gill, Rakul Preet Discuss Being Tomboyish And “Not Like Other Girls”. Screams ‘Pick Me’!

They just dissed female friendships, y'all!

We often come across women who will do anything to get approval and validation from the opposite gender, even if it means throwing their own kind under the bus. And let’s be honest, we all know that one girl from school, who just did not want to be associated with womenkind and was only friends with guys because she just didn’t seem to get along with women. Allow me to introduce you to the cliché pick-me behaviour! This behaviour has been time and again called out and condemned. And now the internet thinks Rakul Preet Singh and Shehnaaz Gill are giving pick-me vibes.

Rakul Preet Singh was on Shehnaaz Gill’s talk show Desi Vibes to promote her film Chhatriwali. During the interaction, both Shehnaaz and Rakul Preet spoke about they were tomboyish and only had male friends because they just couldn’t get along with other girls. Pointing out that tomboyish girls get along with guys more the Chhatriwali actress said that she can’t gossip and discuss bags, makeup and shoes and she’s more like “what’s up, bro?”. The former Bigg Boss contestant agrees and then the actresses go on to add that one should stay “chill” and comfortable. Watch this video of their interaction.

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Reacting to the video, netizens shared how Shehnaaz Gill and Rakul Preet Singh’s conversation comes across as pick-me behaviour. Internet users questioned how and when asking “what’s up, bro?” became a flex and discussing makeup and footwear is “not chill”. Twitterati also questioned how these actresses can talk about empowerment and feminism when in fact they’re demeaning other women. Check out these reactions.

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Pick-me behaviour is extremely problematic because it makes women demean their own kind in order to fit in and obtain validation from the other gender. This includes behaviour like this where women indirectly downgrade female friendships. While Shehnaaz Gill and Rakul Preet Singh did not call female friendships more drama or anything, they did imply that women are shallow and only discuss clothes and bags or just gossip. And that behaviour right there is problematic. Having more male friends is not a flex and not having female friendships is nothing to be proud of. The fact that these ladies sitting there wearing makeup and designer looks, were discussing how they cannot relate to other women because they always gossip or discuss makeup and fashion.

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