Who Is Going To Tell Shahid Kapoor That Marriage Isn’t About A Woman “Fixing” A Man?

Ahem..manchild *cough, cough*

A while ago, Shahid Kapoor came under fire after the actor made a statement that he does films and shows like Farzi and Bloody Daddy as he is married and cannot take his frustration out at home. And it looks like all the backlash he received did not help him learn a lesson. Yep, you read that right. In the latest interview for Bloody Daddy promotions, Shahid Kapoor once again put a foot in his mouth after the actor shared that he thinks marriage is about a woman “fixing” a man. So, Mira Rajput is supposed to fix him?


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In an interaction with Film Companion, Shahid Kapoor said that he has finally figured out what marriage is all about and went on to reveal that according to him it’s about a guy who was an absolute mess and the woman came to “fix” him and their life is going to be a journey of the man being “fixed” and becoming a “decent person”. And netizens are not very happy about this statement made by the actor.


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To begin with, women have time and again said that we are not rehab centres for badly raised men. Dear Mr. Shahid Kapoor, here’s a newsflash, women haven’t come into this world to “fix” men or clean up their mess. It’s funny how a 42-year-old man thinks that it’s his 28-year-old wife’s job (Mira Rajput) to fix him and keep cleaning up his mess and make him a decent man for the rest of his life. Did he just mistake his wife for his mother? Sir, if you need someone to raise you and make you a decent man, you need a mother and not a wife.

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To make matters worse, Mr Kapoor here thinks that his entire life journey is about being a mess that his wife continues “fixing”. Plumber hai kya vo? While you spill your BS all over, you expect her to pick up after you? Someone needs to tell this 42-year-old manchild that he married a woman to be his partner, his better half and not his babysitter. More importantly, Mr Shahid Kapoor, you need to grow up sir!

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