Hautetalk: Why Are Actors Like Shahid Kapoor And Ranbir Normalising Sexist Wife Jokes? Not A Cool Look!

Can we not, please?

In a country where barely anything changes for men, they sure have some gall to complain and crack jokes at the cost of their wives. We’ve literally grown up hearing men complaining about their nagging wives and cracking misogynistic wife jokes. They’re quick to crack a joke about their wife’s anger or how the poor husbands have no freedom or something about the stereotypical but not one of them takes a moment to consider how sexist their comments are. And it’s not just the men around us but at this point, celebs are also taking forward this misogynistic legacy from the previous generation forward. As if Ranbir Kapoor wasn’t enough, now Shahid Kapoor has also cracked a “joke” at the expense of his wife and we’re rightly pissed off.


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Shahid Kapoor is currently gearing up for the upcoming film Bloody Daddy. At the trailer launch, when asked why he’s doing films where he plays a dark, angry man, the actor shared that he has now been married for 8 years and cannot take his frustration out at home so he goes on the sets to take it out. I cannot even begin to point out everything that is wrong with this statement. Is that supposed to be funny? Is Shahid Kapoor doing anybody a favour by not taking his frustration out at home? Also, why even stay married if you’re so “frustrated”? TBH, his statement reeks of male privileged and entitlement. For someone whose life hardly changed after getting married, the man sure is very “frustrated”.


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Men sure have some audacity to crack jokes on their wives when they’re the ones living in the comfort of their home with a woman who didn’t just move away from her family but is also cooking and cleaning for them, making sure they go to bed with a stomach full of delicious food and giving birth and raising their kids (mostly alone, with little or no contribution from the father). And yet, they have the audacity to crack such sexist jokes at the expense of their wives.


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Ranbir Kapoor is no less when it comes to wife jokes. The man is a repeat offender who cracks jokes about his wife on public platforms and mocks her every now and then. From joking about Alia Bhatt’s pregnancy weight gain to saying that he hopes Raha doesn’t grow up to be like Alia as she has a “loud personality” the man has time and again put a foot in his mouth with his sexist jokes and mockery. It’s shocking how these public figures and celebs crack such misogynistic jokes without realising that this is the example they are setting for their fans and followers.


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Actors like Shahid Kapoor and Ranbir Kapoor only encourage men to mock their wives and crack sexist wife jokes by doing that on a public platform and normalising it. Someone really needs to give them a wake-up call and show them their male privilege.

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