Kirti Kulhari Says She’s Paid More Than Her Male Counterparts In Projects That She Leads. A Small But Sure Win.

Kirti Kulhari Says She’s Paid More Than Her Male Counterparts In Projects That She Leads. A Small But Sure Win.

The fight for equal pay in every industry has been going on for as long as I can remember. The only difference is that first the fight was hush-hush and now it’s out in the open. More and more actresses in film industries across the world are stepping up and being vocal about the pay disparity between male and female actors. An artist should get paid for their skills, their work, and sometimes for their experiences. In Bollywood, we have actresses like Taapsee Pannu, Priyanka Chopra Jonas, and more who have spoken about equal pay in the entertainment industry. Now, slowly but surely, change is being effected. Actress Kirti Kulhari recently said that she’s paid more than her male counterparts in projects that she leads. And that’s a small but a sure win, isn’t it?

During a session along with other actors, Sayani Gupta, Rasika Dugal, and Jaideep Ahlawat, Kirti Kulhari opened up about the fact that she is getting paid more than her male counterparts in projects that she’s leading. She admitted that she doesn’t know the numbers, but she is sure that the projects that she is a part of and or is leading, she is paid more than her male counterparts.

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She said, “In my opinion, as I understand, the projects that I am a part of and the projects that I am leading; I think I am paid more than my male counterparts. For sure.” 

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Kirti Kulhari further added, “I do not know the numbers, but (this is) the general idea that I have. Shows that I am leading, I am surely getting paid either the most or at least more than my male counterparts.” And as she said this Jaideep Ahlawat joked that she should reveal the number she gets paid for her project, while her co-star Sayani Gupta applauded on hearing about it.

As per reports, Kirti Kulhari was not the only one who had something to say regarding the pay disparity in the entertainment industry, even Rasika Dugal had something to add to it. The actor added to Kirti’s comment and said, “I do not know the figures, but I have been told there is a disparity. But, I cannot be sure and I do not know for sure if I am being discriminated against on this front at all. I have no information at all.”

And that’s a major problem, isn’t it? Transparency seems to be lacking in every field regarding salaries and payscales. How would we know if our employer is getting away with blatant gender bias if we don’t even know how much our coworkers are getting paid?

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Well, one thing is for sure, things are changing and actresses speaking about pay disparity is definitely getting attention and resulting in action. It feels nice to know that actresses like Kirti Kulhari, Deepika Padukone, and others are now getting paid equal or more than their male counterparts for projects where they are the leads. And even though the fight is only getting started, this is definitely a small but sure win.

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