Nathalie Emmanuel AKA Missandei From Game Of Thrones Hypes RRR!

The hype is real!
Nathalie Emmanuel AKA Missandei From Game Of Thrones Hypes RRR!

SS Rajamouli’s RRR has turned into the movie of the year, quite literally. Apart from receiving critical acclaim, the movie is winning hearts and receiving high praise from around the globe. This craze for the movie seems to have no end in sight. People love the movie and the latest person to join this list of admirers is the American actor Nathalie Emmanuel who is known best for playing the role of Missandei on Game Of Thrones. She has recently expressed her love for RRR through a series of tweets highlighting every aspect of the movie that she loved.


Nathalie Emmanuel took to Twitter to describe how her watching experience was, with the movie RRR and to recommend the same to all her fans and followers. She went on to call RRR, a movie which is currently winning awards and recognition across the globe, a ‘sick movie’ and added that nobody can tell her otherwise.

She went on to talk about RRR in a rather long thread. Nathalie Emmanuel also praised Ram Charan’s character along with the song ‘Nattu Nattu’. She talked about the fact that the song was “fire” and that she loved the savage translation as well.

She also praised some individual performances including that of the actor Olivia Morris as Jennifer in RRR. Along with this, she also praised Alia Bhatt for her performance in the movie. It seemed like these performances won her over.

She talked about the many action sequences in the movie and how she loved every one of them. She praised one specific scene as she praised the “stunt coordinator King Solomon and everyone involved”. She loved the stunts in the movie.

She exclaimed the fact that the bromance between the characters was one of her favourite parts of the movie, and we agree. That brought a new flavour and layer to the story.

Towards the end of her thread, she also took a minute to clarify the fact that when she says ‘sick’, she means ‘great’ and not otherwise. This was hilarious but hey, we get it. One can never be too careful on social media. Can they?

Her fans also reacted to this adrenaline-induced thread. They loved how expressive she was about her appreciation for the movie.

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SS Rajamouli’s RRR has truly become one of the biggest hits of the year. In fact, the movie has earned over Rs 1200 crore at the worldwide box office which is beyond spectacular. It is also currently running a strong campaign in the Academy Awards 2023 and has been shortlisted in two categories which is indeed, a matter of pride for the country as a whole.

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