2 AM Stories: How Does The Nirbhaya Squad Work? Cop Reveals How They Keep Mumbai Safe For Women

We're glad we have the Nirbhaya Squad in action!

The need for the Nirbhaya Squad in Delhi is felt the most because the city is not the capital city of the country but is also known as its crime capital. The most gruesome crimes against women come forward from this city, and they often send chills down our spines. The women’s help police squad is also appointed in Mumbai to ensure women are safe and to help them if in need. Have you ever wondered how they function? In the 2 AM Stories segment of Hauterrfly, our team took a ride with the Nirbhaya Squad police to see how they patrol areas at night in Mumbai and how they provide help to distressed women.

In a short conversation with Anita Puri, the Nirbhaya Squad police, our team found out how they keep the streets of Mumbai safe for women. She said that they keep patrolling in their cars in different areas at night. “When a see a woman alone, we approach her and ask her if she’s facing an issue or where she wants to go,” said Anita Puri. She also added that female cops are available in times of need and not always.

Anita Puri also highlighted why they wear civil clothes instead of the police uniform.  She said that they have orders to be dressed in civil clothes from their superiors. “Sometimes women get scared of seeing the police in their uniform. Therefore, it is easier for us to approach them if we are dressed in civil clothes because distressed women feel more comfortable talking to someone not dressed in casuals.”

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This was a great insight into how the Nirbhaya Squad works which usually not a lot of people know about. Indeed seeing a female cop when you’re out alone at night makes you feel 100 per cent safer. Mumbai will remain top-tier in terms of safety for women, and there is no denying that!

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