Hautetalk: Criticising Neha Kakkar For Her Work Is One Thing But Fat-Shaming Her? Nope, It Is Not Justified!

If there is one thing that can piss me off like no other then it is when remixes are made. I’m sorry but Bollywood’s history with remixes is not just bad but also cringe-worthy, actually, I’m not even sorry for stating this fact. I’m pretty sure that all of us can literally list down names of songs that Bollywood has ruined with their remix versions. And as though old Hindi songs were not enough, now B-Town singers have even gone ahead and come up with remix versions of folk music. Am I serious? Hell-a serious. On September 19, the famous singer Neha Kakkar just dropped her new track and it is a remix version of Falguni Pathak’s ‘Maine Payal Hai Chhankai’. And to say, Neha Kakkar’s remix version titled ‘O Sajna’ doesn’t meet the standards, would be an understatement. Needless to say, the song and the singer alike received quite a lot of criticism for this.

Amidst all of this, there was a video clip shared on social media which blatantly fat-shamed the singer. The clip was a part of ‘O Sajana’ music video wherein you can see Neha Kakkar grooving to the song in a pretty green slit dress with Priyank Sharma. However, the song was replaced with another wherein she is being called a ‘haathi’ (elephant).

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Resharing the tweet, a Twitter user called out people who made this for fat-shaming Neha Kakkar. The user wrote, “Against the remake but this is plain fatshaming in the name of criticism”. And I, for one, completely agree with them.

I understand that you are not fond of the remake or even Neha Kakkar as a singer or a celebrity, but fat-shaming her is definitely not okay. Calling someone an elephant and commenting on their size is just brutal. And let’s face it, it is not the first time that people on social media have stooped so low when criticising a celebrity. From Urfi Javed to Rashami Desai, many women celebrities have gone through this level of trolling where the comments are just about how they look.

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Making personal attacks on someone’s body or the way they look is a low blow and quite honestly not required. If you wanna talk about how pissed you are about the remix Neha Kakkar made, go shit on the song and not her. These unrealistic beauty standards that society has set for women are the reason why most of us struggle with self-esteem and body image issues.

There is so much more to Neha Kakkar, Urfi Javed, Rashami Desai, and many other women who are relentlessly fat-shamed not just on social media but also in the real world. It really is a shame that our society is filled with such shallow-minded and petty thinkers who can’t see beyond a woman’s body.

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