From Marital Obligations To Childcare, Twitter User Lists Reasons Why Women Leave Workforce. It Stinks Of Patriarchy!

This is thought-provoking!
From Marital Obligations To Childcare, Twitter User Lists Reasons Why Women Leave Workforce. It Stinks Of Patriarchy!

Life is unfair to women. Women have biological restrictions and marital and professional choices and at the end of the day, it all becomes about their priorities. A Twitter thread deeply talks about how gradually women opt out of their professional careers and make other choices in life. The thread highlights how slowly we start seeing fewer working women around and further goes on to talk about the changes that take in a woman’s life as compared to that of men. The thread makes you think!

This Twitter thread first draws our attention by stressing how there is a comparatively lesser ratio of working women and it is felt in workspaces. There are fewer female faces and some judgemental colleagues who only know how to make assumptions about your work based on your dressing sense.

The Twitter thread further discusses the choices women make once they start growing old. The user highlights how most women start choosing different walks of life instead of having the sole option of progressing in their careers like men. Some women get married to NRI guys or men in general and start moving as their husband’s job. Other women take maternity leave and eventually decide to give up on their careers because it’s too much pressure.

Some women get comfortable living life on their husband’s money and follow their hobbies instead like freelancing or baking.

The Twitter user also points out how women achieve success in the corporate world very late in their lives.


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This is such a thought-provoking Twitter thread and as working women, we can relate to and understand all the struggles it talks about. As we grow old, there are so many choices that we have to decide between, especially career, marriage and kids. At the end of the day, it is about the choices we make but can we not have everything without having to choose?

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