Twitter User Highlights How A Woman’s Voice Is Crushed In Arranged Marriages

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When people say arrange marriages are scary, it is because this bond demands you to sign up for a completely uncertain future. You don’t spend enough time getting to know your partner or the in-laws. Many might argue that their experience has been a good one. However, it’s time we listen to and support the women who have gone through a hell of a time after their arranged marriage. One such Twitter user shared her life story on the micro-blogging platform. She also extended her support to all the other women who are fighting to find their individuality and voice after being pushed into an arranged marriage.

A Twitter user by the name of Chullu Supremacy took to the micro-blogging platform to open about how her life changed after agreeing to an arranged marriage. The user wrote at length about how her freedom and aspirations were crushed after marrying from a progressive family into an orthodox one. The user first mentioned all the ways is which she was restricted from living a of her own. The user’s voice, opinion and thoughts were disregarded, and she was not even allowed to meet her male friends! 


And like many women, even her family was tortured and was asked to keep their daughter in check! The user also talked about how she was pressurised to give the family, a baby and was called “barren” when she refused to do so for two years. Her traumas did not end there as she also faced physical abuse. She was disowned by her in-laws and even her partner after giving birth to a child. The user is currently fighting her divorce case, and she also highlighted that it’s not an easy process in India unless the husband agrees to it. The Twitter user raised her voice for all the women who are going through the same kind of mental torture and abuse in marriage but are finding it difficult to fight against it. 

A few days back, there was a report that showed India has the lowest rate of divorce. Well, it is quite unfortunate and nothing to be happy about. One of the many reasons for this is also that there are still many women in the country who are not given the kind of support and encouragement they need to break away from the shackles of unhappy arranged marriages. The burden of carrying the family’s respect is still put on the shoulders of a woman when it comes to arranged marriages. We need to hear more voices like them, and sometimes maybe understand them when they do not express it.

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It is true that not all women go through such horrible experiences in arranged marriages but the way some people glorify it is also not justified!

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