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Twinkle Khanna Is Done With ‘Forgiving Pyjamas’ And Wants To Wear Bodycons And Crop Tops Again. We Can Relate

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Things were just starting to look a little bit normal, with total corona cases finally plummeting and vaccination drive beginning earlier this year, and the next thing we knew we were back in quarantine. This was something we most certainly didn’t expect. I even missed out on going to Goa or Maldives in the months of January and February when almost everyone on my social media did. I was home, thinking things would only get better from now on but see here I am, with a thali in my hand and back in my pyjamas. NGL, I had begun shopping for some cool workwear and also beachwear but it seems like these pyjamas are here to stay for a little longer. Well, Twinkle Khanna is willing to take the blame for it. She thinks she manifested a world where ‘forgiving pyjamas’ would be the official sartorial option when she wrote her third book ‘Pyjamas Are Forgiving’. And, now that she has mentioned it, we think we agree.

Although the book is about a middle aged woman with insomnia and a troubled married life, the interesting title came to her when she couldn’t fit into her jeans a few days after Diwali (cuz festive calories do count). She probably slipped into a pyjama which not only fit her like a glove (thank god for elastics) but didn’t even remind her of her tummy rolls and all the sweets she munched on. However, after living in it for over a year, all day long, she isn’t too happy with the forgiving pyjamas. 

She posted a picture on her Instagram and wrote in the caption, “This is my hostage smile and hiding behind it is a desperate monologue. Why the hell did I write ‘Pyjamas are Forgiving’ and manifest a world for myself where I stay all day long in the damn things. I am tired of forgiving clothes.” We relate hard with this. 

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We are so done with these lame and loose pants too. Never thought I’d say this but we’d like to slip into some uncomfy trousers and skirts that make us cautious with every blow of wind now. We have been living a comfortable life in those silky PJs for too long, if you ask me. No more of this. No more of the lockdown. 

Twinkle Khanna said she is so fed up with wearing pyjamas everyday that she doesn’t even mind showing belly rolls in a form-fitted dress or a crop top. She added, “Give me the body con dress and damn the stomach rolls. Give me crop tops and glitter eyeshadow. I promise to wear every unforgiving sartorial contraption while shouting ‘Go Corona Go’ as long as we can all get out!!”

A lot of her followers agreed and shared the same sentiments. A user wrote, “Yes why the hell u wrote pyjamas are forgiving??…n now we all are wearing the same outfit all day long….” Another wrote, “Yes pyjamas are forgiving, and all of us are now clinched into it.. awaiting for the bodycon dresses keeping the fingers crossed.” A user also shared what she does to undo the fashion monotony during quarantine to stay motivated. “You are too cute! I am a stay at home artist and corona or no corona I make it a point to dress up every morning before I sit down with my art. It makes me feel good and when my kids see me like this they are motivated to get out of their PJs too.”

Okay, but seriously, how do we get out of this? Not the pyjamas; the pandemic? 

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