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Move Over PJs, House Dress Is The Latest Quarantine Fashion Trend Women Are Slipping Into

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I can’t remember the last time I got myself a nice, chic dress. This is highly unusual for me since I love those cute, flowy dresses that I could twirl in and feel pretty all day. Now my online carts and wishlists are filled with leggings, sweatsuits and PJs. Boring, I know. But I am certainly not splurging on an LBD or a sundress only to waste it on zoom calls and grocery shopping. Plus, I want to feel cozy and comfy since I am practically lounging all day, working from home (bed, to be specific). I know you share the same sentiments.

However, tell me one thing. Aren’t you completely sick of those boring t-shirts and sweatpants already? Sure, they are comfy but I feel like I could really do with something more fashionable and breezier to get through the rest of the quarantine period (god knows when that’ll end). Like at least once in a while. I mean, it’s been six months since I got to wear something that doesn’t remind me that I don’t go to the gym. Argh!

Enter, house dresses, the latest quarantine trend to pop amid the pandemic. No, they aren’t the nighties from the 1950s resurrecting; let’s get that very clear. These are actually chic, roomy dresses that come in so many styles and prints that you could look on point even at home. The only thing that’s unchanged in the 2020 edition of house dress is that they all are pretty comfy (emphasis on pretty) and are a perfect fit for your quarantine fashion.

Let me elaborate on how this house dress is any different from the usual comfy dresses you buy all year round. So, they are mostly made of summer-friendly, breathable fabric like cotton and linen and are usually maxi length or midis. Why? Because here, comfort is the priority, after style, of course. There are no body-hugging silhouettes or tight waistlines (let’s leave those for post-covid dressing), rather they are just poufy, voluminous dresses that you can actually wear on a plane next year (I hope). Plus, it’s not only fit to be worn around the house but outside too, because why not?

In the past few months, we have spotted celebrities hopping on the house dress trend too. From Priyanka Chopra to Sonam Kapoor Ahuja, a lot of celebrities have been spending their quarantine stylishly in a variation of an airy house dress. While Priyanka wore a tiered denim dress that looked so cozy, Sonam sported a kaftan style striped dress that was fit for when temps are off the charts outside. Here’s an idea, you could also match your face mask with the dress and make a strong fashion statement while you are at it.

With a house dress, you could look dressed up without really putting an effort. Imagine wearing a comfy dress all day while you WFH, attend an online office call (since it’s cute and well, a dress), and then for the post-work happy hour in the night or FaceTime-ing bae. Convenient, isn’t it? No wonder women are loving this house dress trend in the lockdown. If you aren’t too convinced yet or need some outfits ideas to copycat the trend, here are some straight out of Instagram for inspiration.

Bright colours, check. Fun print, check. Boho and roomy just enough to lounge in all day and be ready for an impromptu grocery shopping, check!

When comfort meets sexy, this dress is born. Love the tied-up straps and belt that comes with it to make it as loose or fitted as you like.

Casual, chic and apt for summer, this white tiered dress has our heart.

Tshirt dress, but make it fashionable. Bonus, tie and dye print to beat the corona blues.

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These at-home dresses have become a major summer trend in the past few months. With women doing a whole lot at home like carrying out errands, working from home and taking occasional naps, this dress seems to be the best bet for quarantine. Also, this fashion trend, much like every other trend in the lockdown, was a brainchild of Instagrammers who were quite done with the sweatpants. It wasn’t some haute trend straight from runways or celebrities’ wardrobes and that’s what makes it so practical and functional, besides fashionable, of course.

Now, with these cozy house dresses, you can be comfortable while looking on fleek all day. Plus, you can’t deny the fact that these pretty dresses could really lift up your mood and make you feel good in the boring quarantine life. How we see is that this is more about feeling pretty than looking it. The world may be going through a dark phase right now, but no one said you can’t don a cute AF dress in pretty colours, prints and chic style to feel like you are back to normal, mentally at least, if not physically.

I don’t know about you but I love this latest addition to the quarantine trend and I am finally making space for some house dresses in my closet. Maybe, I’ll stick to it post-quarantine too, who knows!

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